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Continuous Professional Development for Trade Bankers

Welcome to our first TradeBrief of 2023!  Our new years resolution is to communicate with you on a more regular basis and to share with you resources that will propel your career forward in what is expected to be a challenging 2023. 



This issue we are sharing 70 courses that are ideal for Trade Bankers for under $50 each all available at




Trade Finance

Structured Commodity Trade Finance

Trade Finance Fraud Prevention

Bonds & Guarantees

Letters of Credit Advanced

Factoring Fundamentals

Short and Medium Term Finance

Letters of Credit Essentials

Export and Import Collections

Fraud Prevention - Other Trade Finance Products

Export Credit Agency Finance

Trade Finance Compliance 1

Trade Finance Compliance 2


International Trade Practice

Export Documentation

Customs Procedures

Transitioning from Incoterms 2010 to 2020

Importing into the EU

International Contracts

Export Packaging

Introduction to International Trade


Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Marine Transport

International Transport & Logistics

International Modes of Transport

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Lean Process and Six Sigma

Process Improvement with Gap Analysis

Purchasing and Procurement Basics

Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lean Process Improvement

Inventory Management: The Nuts and Bolts


Export Marketing

International Market Research

International Pricing Policy

Introduction to International Marketing

International Promotion Policy

Intercultural Management


Country Image

International Product Policy

International Distribution Policy

Introduction to Exporting

Trade Show Staff Training


Bankers Academy Courses

Introduction to Trade Finance

Understanding Trade Based Money Laundering

Regulation K: International Banking Operations

Managing Suppliers and Vendors

Lean Principles

Basic Treasury Management

Overview of Treasury Products Part I

Overview of Treasury Products Part II

Introduction to Collections

Economic Indicators



Types of Risk Management

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Regulation N: Relationships with Foreign Banks and Branches

Regulation K: International Banking Operations

Overview of Basel II and III

Operational Risk

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Enterprise Risk Management

Credit Risk Management


Anti-boycott Regulations

AML Requirements

AML Requirements for Compliance Staff

AML Requirements for Branch Managers

AML Requirements for Board of Directors and Senior Management

Wishing all our customers, collaborators and friends a happy new year and success for 2023!

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