eBSI's Secret Weapon - Learnupon.com

eBSI's Secret Weapon - Learnupon.com

The key to every successful e-learning implementation and every successful online course is the LMS or Learning Management System that delivers it.  During the 21 years we have been working in online learning we have used many systems as we sought to offer the most user-friendly experience for our students and corporate clients.  In 2014 we started working with Learnupon.com and have deepened our relationship with them every year since as their Corporate Learning oriented Learning Management System proved time and time again to be the best fit for ours and our clients' online learning operations.

eBSI CEO Thomas Smith with Learnupon CEO Brendan Noud as eBSI joined the first 100 clients of Learnupon.

The core ethos of LearnUpon is to provide the most simplified online learning experience – so the learner concentrates on content and learning as is the key to successful e-learning.

LearnUpon was honoured with a number of awards at the Brandon Hall Awards 2019:
  • Gold for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training 
  • Silver for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology 
  • Silver for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training 
  • Bronze for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for SMBs
  • Learnupon Features

    LearnUpon features are designed to be quick to set-up, deliberately simple and infinitely scalable. Achieve eLearning success by engaging your audience on any device and at any time.
    • Course Creation is easy with a wide variety of content options available to build courses using Audio, Video, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF as well as industry standard course content packages in SCORM 1.2 and xAPI (Tin Can).
    • One can integrate Learnupon with HR, CRM, Sales and Marketing Systems by using either an API, Single Sign, Two-Way API, Webhooks, Salesforce or Webinar integrations.
    • Learnupon supports a powerful Assessment, Examination and Certification System which allows for the implementation of certification or recertification programs. There are multiple question types available along with submission of written assessments which allow for a broad range of assessment possibilities.  Certificates can be customized to the clients brand and look and feel.
    • Webinars and Instructor Led Training can also be incorporated into the Learnupon system allowing for full flexibility for clients. Our system has full timezone and iCal support allowing training events to be organized anywhere in the world.
    • Our powerful groups functionality allows clients to segregate users according to job role or control groups which can have a manager and specific reporting functionality for each group. Its possible to pre-assign specific courses to each group and monitor group members progress on those pre-assigned courses.  One can also use group function to allow open access to a specific catalog of courses which can be selected by group members freely.  Just tell us your use case and we will tell you how we can meet it!
    Clients can appoint managers to oversee groups of users or instructors to oversee participants of specific courses.  Client can also appoint an inhouse LMS Admin who we will be happy to train to take advantage of the key functions of the learnupon LMS.
    Example Course Dashboard
    Sample User Profile
    We can custom brand or co-brand the e-learning portal to be consistent with client’s main website or corporate look and feel. The e-learning portal can be white-labled to your company domain name such as elearning.mycompany.com.
    Example of White Labelling - Custom Look and Feel of Client Portal
    We can assist clients to implement a powerful gamification system to encourage competition among learners. We can assign achievement awards and course completion badges as well as progression ranks based on user participation on the learning management system.  A Leaderboard can be shown for all users showing who’s most active/successful on the portal.
    Gamification Example
    Our powerful eCommerce functionality allows us to create an online shopfront for client portals if needed or to use an internal course catalog for closed learning environments where only registered employees are to be given access. We can also allow flexible pricing on courses including varying pricing for members and non-members for associations or chambers of commerce.  Clients can integrate with Shopify to extend the eCommerce functionality further.  Integration with Zapier has also now been added to further extend Learnupon's eCommerce functionality.

    The Learnupon user interface is fully responsive allowing the best presentation of courses on all devices whether they be desktop, laptop, tablet iPad or mobile. Our courses are deployed in HTML5 AND Flash to allow access from older browsers and we have a custom app for iOS and Android to allow for easier access to courses.
    Learners Dashboard
    For customers of Salesforce.com there is powerful and seamless integration between the LMS and Salesforce allowing real time reporting on users as well as the ability to assign courses from Salesforce.

    The Learnupon reporting system allows for multiple types of reports to be run on users, groups and courses allowing course administrators and managers or instructors to stay on top of course and user progress. More in-depth reports can be exported into Excel allowing for powerful data analysis.

    The Learnupon learning management system is secure and stable with 99.99% uptime. Clients data is backed up multiple times daily.  System security is tested regularly to ensure its integrity.  User sessions are encrypted.  The system is designed to be scalable for clients with 50 to over 5000 users.  Clients with several hundred thousand users use our system every day with tens of thousands of course completions a day.

    Learnupon offers Industry Leading Uptime offering reliability and dependability to our clients. Modern web application practices and the use of a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensure course content is always close to your learners, wherever they may be. LearnUpon’s infrastructure is constantly monitored and can automatically scale as demand arises.

    We can offer the learning management system in a number of languages although our content is currently only in English.

    Data privacy is taken very seriously and our LMS is fully GDPR compliant.

    Learners can access courses on PC, MAC, iPAD, iPhone and any Android device and their experience is fully responsive.
    Learnupon.com offers a fully responsive user experience without the need for an app on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

    Superlative Customer Support

    • Finally a key success factor in our client deployments is our multi-award winning customer support with all support requests being responded to within a few short hours of receipt and most issues resolved for users within 24 hours. Our support team is based in multiple regions allowing true 24/7 customer support.  So don’t worry – we’ve got your back!
    Reach out to us today and let eBSI Export Academy and Learnupon.com show you how your organisation's learning and development can be super-charged with our broad library of interactive CPD Accredited learning materials and the industry leading learning Management system of Learnupon.com
    To see some of our current implementations you can visit our page on Custom e-Learning Projects.