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Guide to ITS Activities

This “Guide to the ITS Programme” will provide you with a detailed understanding of the course work carried out by the participant during the ITS Programme. It will outline the entire structure of the ITS and explain the nature of activities offered to the participant.

ITS Programme Structure

The ITS Programme consists of 4 modules (or subjects):

  • Export Market Entry Strategy
  • Trade and Customs Practice
  • Finance of International Trade
  • E-Business for International Trade

Each of the modules is presented on its own multimedia training module online through our custom made online campus which contains a number of Learning Units, dealing with different subjects within that particular module.

ITS Programme Activities Overview

At the start of the ITS Programme, each participant will receive an email from their ITS Programme Coordinator with the ITS schedule (timeframe for each of the four modules) and a brief outline of the activities they will be asked to perform. This is to make sure that participants can plan their ITS studies efficiently.

During the ITS Programme, participants are required to do the following activities:

  • study the materials they receive online
  • participate in Discussion Forums in the Online Campus;
  • complete Open Exercises.

Each of these activities bears a certain number of points and forms part of the participant’s overall continuous assessment at the end of the ITS Programme.

Let’s have a look at each of these activities in greater detail.

Learning Units online

Each of the four course modules has a number of Learning Units listed in the recommended order of studying. Each module is normally covered within a 2-month period. Participants should plan their time and pace of studies in such a way so as to comfortably study all Learning Units within that period.

Before the start of each module, ITS participants receive an email notification to remind them to start studying that particular module and a brief overview of activities involved in that module. We will now look at these activities in greater detail.

Online Sessions

During the ITS programme, a number of Online Sessions on particular trade-related topics are organised in form of chats. There are normally 3-4 Online Sessions per module delivered on a regular basis by eBSI Learning Guides and Specialist Advisors.

ITS participants are notified by email a few days before each Online Session, stating the topic of the session, who is going to deliver it and date and time.

It is important to participate in online sessions as they are a unique opportunity to get answers to your questions “live” with an eBSI tutor.

Figure 2. Excerpt from a Sample Online Session Transcript

To be able to take part in Online Sessions, ITS participants just need to log onto the Online Campus and enter the purpose built online Lecture Room.

After each Online Session a session transcript is emailed to all participants, regardless whether they took part in that Online Session or not, to keep it for their notes and future reference. Participation in Online Sessions forms part of the overall continuous assessment.

Online Campus Discussion Forums

After enrolling for the ITS Programme, participants are registered with the Online Campus, a website specifically designed for eBSI training programmes. Each participant receives their unique username and password to access it.

In the Online Campus participants can take part in discussion forums, exchange views, share their experience, post trade related queries and find additional material on the topics studied. Participants are encouraged to log in the Online Campus at least once a week to keep track of what’s going on there.

Figure 3.This is a sample screenshot of one of many forum threads in the eBSI Online Campus, where ITS participants and eBSI Learning Guides can interact with each other, participate in discussion forums, express their views and share expertise.

Participants and Learning Guides can also communicate on the Online Campus by an internal private messaging system.

Participation in Online Campus discussion forums forms part of the overall continuous assessment.

Open Exercises

During the ITS programme, participants receive 3-4 sets of Open Exercises per module. The exercises cover all, or nearly all, key points in the module they refer to. In other words, Open Exercises guide participants step by step through the ITS Programme, focussing on important points. Open Exercises are based on the same content used for the ITS Programme training materials provided to participants.

Figure 4. This is a sample screenshot of an Open Exercise in “Finance of International Trade” module.

Open Exercises must be completed by the participant and returned to the eBSI for correction and personalised feedback. Open Exercises form part of the overall continuous assessment.

Final Assessment

The final assessment is based on participant’s performance and evaluation in the following ITS Programme activities:

  • participation in Online Sessions;
  • participation in Discussion Forums in the Online Campus;
  • evaluation of Open Exercises.

At the end of the ITS Programme, each participant will receive a Student Progress Report, which outlines all activities carried out during the programme and participant’s performance and results. This gives the participant an opportunity to look at what they have done, results achieved and assignments that are yet to be completed.

To successfully complete the ITS programme participants must collect at least 60 pts of their overall assessment.