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Panama - Bladex - Foreign Trade Bank of Latin America

Custom e-Learning Project Profile



Bladex - Foreign Trade Bank of Latin America

Project Description

Development of a series of custom trade finance programs for all the staff of Bladex covering a number of levels of expertise as follows: 

Level  Content  Participants Targeted

Basic understanding of Trade Finance and the most common financial products

Course delivered in Spanish.

  • Support Staff

General Trade Finance Training

Course delivered in English

  • General SME
  • Relationship Managers
  • Front Office Staff

Full Trade Finance e-Learning program as offered to date by eBSI Export Academy 

Course delivered in English

  • Trade FInance Business Developers
  • Risk Management Staff
  • Middle and Back Office Staff

Specialist Training in Documentary Operations

Course delivered in English

  • Business Dev Staff
  • Documentary Operations


The client also requested the development of a custom course on the prevention of fraud in non-documentary trade finance transactions.

The basic course was translated and narrated into Spanish.