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Short and Medium Term Finance
Short and Medium Term Finance
Short and Medium Term Finance

Short and Medium Term Finance

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In this unit you will explore Short and Medium Term Export Finance products which are of great practical benefit to the exporters cash flow management.  

We will Explore: 
- Invoice Discounting 
- Factoring
- Bill Discounting and finally work through the procedure for a Forfaiting Transaction.

This will be achieved by: 

- Becoming familiar with fundamentals of Short and Medium Term Finance
- Understanding the key concepts relating to working capital and management of receivables.
- Exploring the invoice discounting process
- Contrasting Invoice Discounting to Factoring
- Learning what benefits factoring offers to a growing business;
-  Studying fundamentals of Forfaiting;
- Discussing differences and similarities between Factoring and Forfaiting;


1.1 Overtrading and Liquidity

1.2 Short Term Finance

1.3 Working Capital Management

1.4 Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)


2.1 Trade Receivables Policy


3.1 Invoice Discounting – how it works


4.1 Benefits of Factoring

4.2 Obstacles to Growth of Factoring

4.3 Import and Export Factor

4.4 Comparison between Factoring and Invoice Discounting

4.5 Comparison between Factoring and Forfaiting

4.6 Comparison between Forfaiting and Factoring


5.1 Bill of Exchange Discounting – how it works


6.1 Definition of Forfaiting

6.2 Endorsements

6.3 Aval as a Form of Guarantee

6.4 Application of Forfaiting

6.5 Primary and Secondary Forfaiting Markets

6.6 Forfaiting and Benefits for Exporter

6.7 Advantages of Forfaiting

6.8 Cost of Credit

6.9 The Rate of Discount

6.10 Forfaiting Example

Further Reading

1 – Guide to Invoice Finance

2 – SME Exporters Guide to Forfaiting

3 – Invoice Discounting – Factoring in the Change

4 – Getting through the Cash Flow Pinch

5 – Financing SMEs with Forfaiting in the New Entrepreneurial Environment

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