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Intercultural Management
Intercultural Management
Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management

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ntercultural Management is one of the most important and difficult aspects of international marketing.   The exporter negotiates with individuals from countries with very different cultures and habits.  If the exporter does not adopt an open and respectful attitude towards these cultures, they will hardly achieve success in business.
Exporters should attempt to learn the idiosynchracies of each market.  

In this unit, we will learn about adapting our marketing approach to different markets.  
This will be achieved by :
- Examining how diversity of culture can influence the outcome of an international marketing plan
- Outlining key strategies to dealing with new cultures
- Detailing major theories on the subject
- Highlighting important errors to be avoided when dealing with different cultures.


1.1 Culture

1.2 Every Country Needs an Answer

1.3 Universal Patterns

1.4 Music

1.5 An Open Mind

1.6 Cultural Classification

1.7 No Need to Be Afraid


2.1 About Language

2.2 Some Common Errors

2.3 Silence

2.4 Aggression


3.1 Maslow’s Theory

3.2 Hofstede's Theory

3.3 Self Reference Criterion

3.4 Environmental Sensitivity

3.5 Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory


4.1 Personal Relationships

4.2 Product Names

4.3 Volume of Business Done

4.4 Established Competitors

4.5 One's Attitude to the Competition

4.6 Communications and Transport

4.7 Personal Relationships within the Company

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