Help Ukraine in its Fight for Freedom! - Verified and Trusted Resources Here

HELP Ukraine in its fight for freedom! - Trusted Charities List

HELP Ukraine in its fight for freedom! 

It can be hard to know which charities are genuine in the scam filled online environment we live in.  To this end we have worked with other Internet Personalities helping Ukraine to compile a list of recommended charities and information channels that provide reliable information about Russia's unprovoked and illegal invasion on the sovereign independent state of Ukraine.

Here is a list of Verified Charities : 


Save Ukraine

Superhumans - Hospital for war traumas

UNBROKEN - Treatment. Prosthesis. Rehabilitation for Ukrainians in Ukraine

Come Back Alive

Chefs For Ukraine - World Central Kitchen

UNITED24 - An initiative of President Zelenskyy

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

NGO “Herojam Slava”

kharpp - Reconstruction project supporting communities in Kharkiv and Przemyśl

NOR DOG Animal Rescue

Thanks to Silicon Curtain and Jonathan Fink for creating this list of verified charities.



Vlad Vexler Political Philosophy - Global Analysis.

Vlad Vexler Chat - great off the cuff analysis

Jake Broe - passionate military analyst from USA reporting and helping materially Ukraine.

Artur Rehi - Estonian former soldier reporting and helping materially Ukraine.

Denys Davidov - Update from Ukraine - good telegram channel combined with his youtube channel.

Ukraine Matters - Giorgijy Ivanovs - Good analysis of day to day situation of war in Ukraine.

Ukraine Strategic Analysis - Lines on Maps

Silicon Curtain - Jonathan Fink - Journalistic analysis of Ukraine war and political environment.