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Expert Commentaries

  • The Power of Global Networking

    WebPort Global is a new and exciting online trade network created for companies and members of World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Associations, and any organization that participates in or supports importing and exporting.
  • Does Globalization create the Need for Cultural Understanding?

    It seems like just a short time ago we lived in a world in which contact with other cultures was incidental and peripheral. Sure, there used to be immigrants from other countries and then there was of course some contact when we travelled, but for most there was no real need to dive deeper towards understanding other cultures. Moreover, the impact of developing countries and regions at the other side of the globe on our daily life was very minimal, if at all. Well, that’s changing, and there is now a need to accept and embrace globalization, or be destined to failure (or worse, talk of isolationism as a way around it).
  • eLearning Benefits for Companies

    In many cases, the biggest dilemma facing a company considering employing e-Learning as a tool to train staff is how to justify the cost of such an approach.

    Within the context of International Trade and Finance training, without doubt e-Learning delivers more training benefits to more people for the lowest training investment. E-Learning, if it is done the right way always saves time, money, resources, and delivers measurable, tangible results.
  • MathsatSea.com : a new and exciting e-learning tool for nautical Maths

    Many young people embark upon a career at sea ill-equipped to cope with the academic rigours awaiting them at nautical college, especially in terms of tackling the level and type of mathematics required!