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The Power of Global Networking

WebPort Global is a new and exciting online trade network created for companies and members of World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Associations, and any organization that participates in or supports importing and exporting. WebPort Global is particularly focused on helping Small and Medium Enterprises grow by bringing together vast global resources, people, information and a set of easy-to use tools to one integrated platform while staying connected to their own trade organization.

On a single platform, WebPort Global brings together these organizations, their members and a broad range of support organizations that make-up the Small and Medium Enterprise global trade mosaic.

The value of WebPortGlobal’s technology-supported community comes from the professionals around the globe who provide aggregated information, help each other and share experiences across organizations and companies.

With WebPort Global, each company participates in the global community through their respective sponsoring organization, with other members and experts. Each organization maintains its own identity and direct connection to its membership. By being connected globally, these organizations can better help their members and strengthen their role as global partners.

Vetted members can connect and work with each other, choose to receive notifications for related content, events, other members and marketplace listings. They can post their own marketplace listings and even search for suppliers and customers in a structured data base with details for millions of companies. WebPort Global helps SMEs find customers and suppliers from all over the world through a trusted and easy-to-use platform.

WPG has been implemented through partners in over sixty countries throughout the world. The basis for a comprehensive and extensive MARKETPLACE is established. Partners and members can make connections, source content and most important buy and sell in a global marketplace.

WebPort Global governance, partner selection and services enable Small and Medium Enterprises to engage in global trade activities with confidence. SMEs become part of a trusted community rich in resources and prestige.

A broad range of relevant content from some of the world’s leading trade organizations authorities, most active agencies and knowledgeable users is available for members to share through WPG’s KNOWLEDGE Center.

Functionality for broader publication of MARKETPLACE listings has been added. Members can have their Product and Service Listing visible beyond the private community. Members who wish to keep their listing visible only to WPG Members can continue to do so. Enhancements of this functionality includes optional extended distribution of EVENTS, external featuring of PARTNERS and other selected content. The result of this feature will be to provide more exposure for products, events and information that WPG members wish to publicize.

WPG members can search import and export information to find suppliers and customers. These services are used by the world’s largest companies and typically are cost prohibitive for most SMEs. WPG Members will have access to information for millions of companies around the world.

WebPort Global has implemented Dun & Bradstreet® vetting as one of its programs to maintain a trusted environment for its members. WPG Members will soon have the opportunity to generate their own Dun & Bradstreet® reports based on their unique requirements.

Group Forums/Discussions enable Organizations and members to work more closely together even though they may be in different locations around the world.

WPG Development continually enhances the platform based on member feedback & new functionality requirements.

Information about and access to global markets is no longer reserved for large enterprises. With WebPort Global, any company can confidently find new customers or suppliers from around the world.

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises are often intimidated by the real and perceived difficulty of trading beyond their borders. SMEs require a high degree of trust and familiarity to take the steps necessary to engage globally. Through WebPort Global, SMEs can manage the process by meeting experts and other business professional of interest, learning what they need to know to increase their confidence levels, and then engage in trade transactions through a trusted environment. In the majority of situations, SMEs join WebPort Global through and remain connected with an organization where they already know other members, like a Chamber of Commerce or World Trade Center. Small and Medium Enterprises are an underserved and untapped source for exports globally. WebPort Global hopes to provide the platform to accelerate their role in import/export globally.

WebPort Global is the fastest, most effective and most economical way to participate in global trade for a Small and Medium Enterprise. For less than $1 per day, an SME can instantly have access to thousands of leads, connect with a Far East shipping expert, find a manufacturer, see who needs their product, attend a focused seminar and much more. They can do this through their existing Trade organization or independently.



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