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Video Production

Objectives: This course teaches you how you can create videos on your own with tools such as Camtasia as well as other popular tools. You will also learn useful tips on how to create the best videos.

Completing this course will confer 4 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Unit Contents:

1. Video Production via Screencasting
In this topic you will cover:
1.Video Production via Screencasting
1.1 Overview What Is This Course About
1.2 Get Camtasia And Screenflow
1.3 The Optimal Computer SetUp
1.4 Make Sure Your Computer Is At Eye Level
1.5 Optimal Mic Setup
1.6 Having A Production Machine
1.7 Setting Up Your Home Network
1.8 Using Camtasia Projects
1.9 Doing Your Recordings In One Take
1.10 Before You Hit Record
1.11 Recording Your PowerPoint
1.12 Once You Have Record A Video
1.13 Timeline And Basic Editing
1.14 Inserting Images And Audio
1.15 Using Transitions
1.16 Understanding Pre Sets Rendering And Production
1.17 The Six By Six Rule For Creating Presentations
1.18 Using The Picture In Picture Video Setting
1.19 Saving Time Batch Production
1.20 Adding In Cursor Effects Blurs And Callout Notes
1.21 Saving Time To Finalize Production For Delivery
1.22 Using Camtasia To Create Mp3s
1.23 Conclusion

2. Video Production Using Camtasia
In this topic you will cover:
2.Money Making Ideas Using Camtasia
2.1 Promoting A Product
2.2 Video Bonus
2.3 Video Newsletter
2.4 Video Coaching
2.5 Embedding Your Video 1
2.6 Embedding Your Video 2
2.7 Extreme Personal Coaching
2.8 Video Blogging 1
2.9 Video Blogging 2
2.10 Create A Video Ebook
2.11 Instant Access Video
2.12 Physically Delivered Product
2.13 YouTube Videos
2.14 MySpace
2.15 Competing Products 1
2.16 Competing Products 2
2.17 Personal Critique
2.18 Camtasia For Hire
2.19 Full Blown Seminar
2.20 Customer Testimonials
2.21 Membership Site
2.22 Full Blown How To Course
2.23 Squeeze Page Letter

3. Video Production Tips
In this topic you will cover:
3.Video Production Tips
3.1 Million Dollar Intro
3.2 The 3 W's
3.3 Shock Demand
3.4 Injecting Confidence
3.5 Product Positioning
3.6 Unreal Guarantee
3.7 Bunker Buster
3.8 Call To Close
3.9 Objection Killers
3.10 Order Form Overview
3.11 The Downsell/Upsell
3.12 Quick Points

4. Video Production Tips 2
In this topic you will cover:
4.Video Production Tips 2
4.1 Promo Video Plan
4.2 Video Script
4.3 Voiceovers
4.4 Sound & Visual Elements
4.5 Putting it all together
4.6 Landing Page Creation

Video Production - eBSI Export Academy
Video Production - eBSI Export Academy
Video Production - eBSI Export Academy
Video Production - eBSI Export Academy

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