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The Practical Trainer

eBSI Export Academy
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The Practical Trainer is a great course for new and aspiring trainers. This course is designed to provide a solid understanding of what adult education entails, and to engage, empower, and encourage learning and development.

This course will get new learners excited about leading classroom learning, actively learning, and applying new skills right away. Sessions include topics such as:

  • understanding participants and their training needs
  • learning styles
  • adult learning principles
  • how to write learning objectives and ensure they are met
  • developing an individual training style
  • and using training aids.

                                                          Course Topics:

                                                          Session One: Course Overview

                                                          Session Two: Defining a Successful Training Program

                                                          • Defining Successful Training
                                                          • About Audiences
                                                          • Advantages of Workplace Training

                                                          Session Three: What Makes a Successful Trainer?

                                                          • Key Characteristics
                                                          • Mistakes and Solutions
                                                          • Stimulating a Readiness to Learn

                                                          Session Four: A Word About Adult Learning

                                                          Session Five: The Learning Process

                                                          Session Six: Principles of Adult Learning

                                                          • Making Connections
                                                          • The Principles of Adult Learning
                                                          • Making Connections

                                                          Session Seven: What’s Your Type? How About Mine?

                                                          • Assessing Your Preferences
                                                          • What Does it Mean To Have a Number?
                                                          • The Experiential Learning Cycle
                                                          • Learning Styles

                                                          Session Eight: Applying the Learning Cycle

                                                          • The Four-Stage Cycle
                                                          • Making Connections
                                                          • Individual Exercise

                                                          Session Nine: Extroverts and Introverts

                                                          • Introversion/Extroversion Survey
                                                          • Case Study

                                                          Session Ten: The Training Process

                                                          • Process in Brief
                                                          • When is Training Necessary?
                                                          • Three Steps to an Efficient Needs Analysis
                                                          • Help! I Need a Template!

                                                          Session Eleven: Planning Training

                                                          • Developing Objectives
                                                          • Writing Objectives
                                                          • Researching Content
                                                          • Planning an Interactive Program

                                                          Session Twelve: Choosing Training Methods

                                                          • Training Methods
                                                          • Environmental Concerns
                                                          • Individual Exercises

                                                          Session Thirteen: Designing a Learning Sequence

                                                          • The Model
                                                          • Sample Sequences

                                                          Session Fourteen: Adding Games

                                                          • The Value of Games
                                                          • Types of Games

                                                          Session Fifteen: Setting the Climate

                                                          Session Sixteen: Presentation Skills

                                                          • Telling vs. Showing
                                                          • The Delivery
                                                          • Tips for Stunning Visuals
                                                          • Types of Visual Aids

                                                          Session Seventeen: Dealing with Difficult Trainees

                                                          Session Eighteen: On-the-Job Training

                                                          Session Nineteen: Training Presentations

                                                          Session Twenty: Designing Evaluations

                                                          • Recommended Reading List
                                                          • Personal Action Plan
                                                                                                                                      The Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                                      The Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                                      The Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                                      The Practical Trainer

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