Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure - eBSI Export Academy
Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure - eBSI Export Academy
Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure - eBSI Export Academy


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Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure

eBSI Export Academy
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In order to be effective and most importantly, adaptive, public speakers need to react appropriately in situations where the audience is hostile, demanding, or difficult. This course is what trainers need to equip their students for those situations.

An asset for learners, this course is tailored to those:

  • seeking the confidence to speak up in meetings,
  • make presentations on behalf of their organization,
  • or effectively organize thoughts and ideas to convey them convincingly, persuasively, and confidently.

                                      Course Topics:

                                      Session One: Course Overview

                                      Session Two: Getting Started

                                      • What is Speaking Under Pressure?
                                      • Presentation Preparation
                                      • Evaluations

                                      Session Three: Planning

                                      • Preparing to Plan
                                      • Presentation Preparation
                                      • Evaluations

                                      Session Four: Force Field Analysis

                                      • What is Force Field Analysis?
                                      • Exercise
                                      • Pros and Cons

                                      Session Five: Understanding Your Audience

                                      • Understanding Your Audience, Part One
                                      • Audience Profiles
                                      • Understanding Your Audience, Part Two
                                      • Finding Common Ground
                                      • Practical Application

                                      Session Six: Controlling Your Jitters

                                      • Overcoming Nervousness
                                      • Presentation

                                      Session Seven: Making Your Listener Hear You

                                      Session Eight: Key Themes

                                      • About Key Themes
                                      • Practical Application
                                      • Key Sentences

                                      Session Nine: Key Sentences

                                      Session Ten: Structuring Ideas

                                      • Three Key Points
                                      • Building a Three-Part Plan
                                      • Practical Application

                                      Session Eleven: Organization Methods

                                      • Using Time, Place, and Aspect
                                      • Practical Application
                                      • Two Additional Plans

                                      Session Twelve: Our Body Language

                                      • How the Listener Takes Control
                                      • The Meaning Behind Our Message

                                      Session Thirteen: If You Could Be…

                                      Session Fourteen: Beginnings and Endings

                                      Session Fifteen: Expanding a Basic Plan

                                      Session Sixteen: Presentations

                                      • Preparation
                                      • Evaluations
                                      • Recommended Reading List
                                      • Personal Action Plan