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Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2

eBSI Export Academy
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Studies have shown that website design impacts how businesses are viewed, with presentation directly related to trust. With this in mind, it’s crucial for organizations to have well-designed websites.

This course expands on the basics learned in Part 1, teaching additional skills that are useful for building websites.

These include:

  • why performance and organization are important,
  • how to shape and design a website,
  • responsive web design,
  • and best practices for HTML and CSS that help keep code clean and reusable.

                                        Course Topics:

                                        Lesson 1: Performance and Organization

                                        TOPIC A: Strategy and Structure

                                        • Performance
                                        • Style Architecture

                                        TOPIC B: Object-oriented CSS

                                        • Object-oriented CSS Methodology
                                        • Separating Structure from Skin
                                        • Separate Content from Container

                                        TOPIC C: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

                                        • Scalable and Modular CSS
                                        • The Five Core Categories
                                        • Which Methodology Should You Choose?

                                        TOPIC D: Reusable Code

                                        • Reusing Styles
                                        • Activity 1-4: Writing Reusable Code
                                        • Summary
                                        • Review Questions

                                        Lesson 2: HTML: How to Position Content

                                        TOPIC A: Review

                                        • Common Terms

                                        TOPIC B: Positioning Content with Floats

                                        • Positioning with Floats
                                        • Layout without Floats
                                        • Three-Column Layout with Floats
                                        • Clearing Floats
                                        • Activity 2-2: Combining Two and Three Column Layouts

                                        TOPIC C: Positioning with Inline-Block

                                        • Positioning with Inline-Block
                                        • Activity 2-3: Creating Columns with Inline-Block
                                        • Summary
                                        • Review Questions

                                        Lesson 3: Complex Selectors

                                        TOPIC A: Commonly Used Selectors

                                        • Type Selector
                                        • Class Selectors
                                        • ID Selectors
                                        • Child Selectors

                                        TOPIC B: Attribute Selectors

                                        • Attribute Present Selector
                                        • Attribute Equals Selector
                                        • Attribute Contains Selector
                                        • Attribute Begins or Ends with Selector
                                        • Pseudo-Classes
                                        • Activity 3-2: Using Selectors
                                        • Summary
                                        • Review Questions

                                        Lesson 4: Responsive Web Design

                                        TOPIC A: Flexible Layouts

                                        • Flexible Layout
                                        • Flexible Grid

                                        TOPIC B: Media Queries

                                        • Using Media Queries
                                        • Logical Operators in Media Queries
                                        • Activity 4-2: Using Dynamic Widths and Media Queries
                                        • Summary
                                        • Review Questions

                                        Lesson 5: Writing Your Best Code

                                        TOPIC A: HTML Coding Practices

                                        • Standards-Compliant Markup
                                        • Use of Semantic Elements
                                        • Use of Proper Document Structure
                                        • Keep Syntax Organized
                                        • Activity 5-1: Applying Best Practices for HTML

                                        TOPIC B: CSS Coding Practices

                                        • Organizing Code with Comments
                                        • Writing CSS Using Multiple Lines and Spaces
                                        • Use Proper Class Names
                                        • Use Shorthanded Properties and Values
                                        • Activity 5-2: Applying Best Practices for CSS
                                        • Summary
                                        • Review Questions
                                                                                                                                        Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2 - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                                        Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2 - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                                        Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2 - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                                        Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding Part 2

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