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International Modes of Transport

eBSI Export Academy
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A key operational task once an export order is received is to arrange the most appropriate transport option to the transaction at hand.  Marine transport is covered in its own learning unit.  

In this unit you learn about other modes of transport available to the exporter.  

This will be done by:

- Analyzing the non marine modes of transport and their characteristics.

- Learning about Multimodal transport and its own operational issues.

- Exploring mode specific issues relating to transport insurance for each mode covered

- Learning about the transport documents required for each mode of transport covered.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 Advantages of Air Transport

1.2 Types of Aircraft

1.3 Air Transport Market

1.4 Air Freight Rates

1.5 Air Freight

1.6 Cargo Loading Equipment

1.7 Tracking

1.8 Air Freight Documents

1.9 International Legal Framework

1.10 Air Freight Insurance

1.11 Aircraft Loading Pictures


2.1 Flexibility

2.2 Conventions Governing Road Transport

2.3 CMR Convention

2.4 TIR Convention

2.5 Useful Terms

2.6 Road Transport in EU

2.7 Road Freight Market

2.8 Road Freight Rates

2.9 Road Transport Insurance

2.10 Vehicle Types

2.11 Road Freight Documentation (CMR)


3.1 Rail Freight Market

3.2 Rail Freight Charges

3.3 Documentation and Governing Conventions

3.4 Rail Freight Documentation

3.5 Rail Insurance


4.1 Goods and Packaging

4.2 Infrastructures

4.3 Infrastructures

4.4 Multimodal Transport Insurance

4.5 Multimodal Transport Documentation

Further Reading

1- Air Freight Industry White Paper

2- Air Freight Container Dimensions

3- CMR Convention

4- Glossary of Rail Transport Terms

5- More info on Multimodal Transport

6- Carriage of Goods by Air Legal Framework Guide

7- The Montreal Convention 1999

8- The Warsaw Convention 1929-1955-1975

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International Modes of Transport - eBSI Export Academy
International Modes of Transport - eBSI Export Academy
International Modes of Transport - eBSI Export Academy
International Modes of Transport - eBSI Export Academy

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