GDPR Essentials - eBSI Export Academy
GDPR Essentials - eBSI Export Academy
GDPR Essentials - eBSI Export Academy
GDPR Essentials - eBSI Export Academy


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GDPR Essentials

eBSI Export Academy
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GDPR Staff awareness is a crucial part of compliance. 

This course will take you through the key elements of the GDPR and its rights and obligations so that any member of your organisation will be aware of their role and best practices for your organisation.

The course has practical assessments to ensure the knowledge provided is retained and understood.

This is an essential course for every employee that could potentially have access to client or other personal records.  In just 2 hours you will have a thorough understanding of these important rules and how to apply them.

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.



Course Outline

Unit Index


1.1 What does GDPR stand for?

1.2 Why GDPR?

1.3 What is GDPR?

1.4 What is Personal Data?

1.5 Processing Personal Data

1.6 Special Categories of Personal Data

1.7 Processing Special Categories of Personal Data

1.8 What is NOT covered by GDPR?

1.9 Who does GDPR apply to?

1.10 What are the Principles of GDPR

1.11 What does GDPR mean for individuals?

1.12 What does GDPR mean for businesses?

1.13 What does GDPR mean for consumers?

1.14 When is a Data Protection Officer required?

1.15 What are the GDPR fines and penalties?

1.16 Brexit and GDPR?



2.1 Awareness

2.2 What is GDPR compliance?

2.3 Information your business holds

2.4 Communicating privacy information

2.5 Covering all Individuals’ rights?

2.6 Our Eight Rights

2.7 Covering all Individuals’ rights?

2.8 Right to Portability

2.9 Dealing with subject access requests

2.10 Lawful basis for processing personal data

2.11 Consent

2.12 Children



3.1 Data Breaches

3.2 Data Protection Officer

3.3 Data Protection by Design and Impact Assessment

3.4 Cross-border Processing

3.5 International Transfers of Data

3.6 Identifying the caller

3.7 Computer security

3.8 Paper Records

3.9 Making Notes

3.10 Data protection Do’s and Don’ts