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Bank Products - eBSI Export Academy
Bank Products - eBSI Export Academy
Bank Products - eBSI Export Academy
Bank Products - eBSI Export Academy
Bank Products - eBSI Export Academy
Bank Products - eBSI Export Academy


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Bank Products

Bankers Academy
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Course Description

Seat Time: 3.75hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to the various bank products that s/he will encounter as a teller. Some of these bank products and services are checking and savings accounts, loans, IRAs, and negotiable instruments. After completing this program the learner will understand:

  • The differences between checking and savings accounts.
  • The different account add-ons.
  • The role of additional products and services, such as wire transfers, savings bonds, and safe deposit boxes.
      Course Topics

      T1. Bank Products and Services: This topic will describe financial institution products and services that most offer, including checking and savings accounts, account add-ons, loans, and other products and services.

      T2. Products and Services Resources: This topic will discuss the Products and Services Guide which financial institution employees use as their main resource for product and service information.

      T3. Types of Account Ownership: This topic will define account ownership, and will discuss different types, such as individual and joint accounts.

      T4. Checking Accounts: This topic will discuss checking accounts, and will identify the different types available to customers

      T5. Savings, CDs, and Money Markets: This topic will discuss savings accounts, and will identify the different types available to customers, including Certificates of Deposit and money market accounts.

      T6. IRAs: This topic will expand upon Individual Retirement Accounts, including its features and benefits, and the different types available to customers.

      T7. Account Add-Ons: This topic will discuss account add-ons, and will identify the different types available to customers such as ATM cards, check cards, overdraft protection, direct deposit, and more.

      T8. Loans: This topic will discuss loans, and will identify the different types, such as consumer, mortgage, and home equity, available to customers.

      T9. Additional Products and Services: This topic will discuss additional products and services available to customers, such as safe deposit boxes, cash management services, insurance products, and more.

      T10. Investment Product: This topic will illustrate the many and varied investment products available to customers, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

      T11. Trust Services: This topic will provide an overview of the trust services offered by many financial institutions, including personal trust services, investment management services, equity services, and more.

      T12. Negotiable Instruments: This topic will present to the learner the various types of negotiable instruments available for purchase by customers, and the correct process for conducting the purchase.

      T13. Wire Transfers: This topic will define wire transfers and will discuss the fees and circumstances for customers and non-customers alike.

      T14. Savings Bonds: This topic will familiarize the learner with savings bonds, including the different types and the advantages of each.

      T15. Safe Deposit Boxes: This topic will examine the history of safe deposit boxes, and will expand upon the types of items kept within them as well as the benefits and types available to customers.