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Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

eBSI Export Academy
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With the help of this course, Students will gain understanding of program design challenges, changing points of view, and tips on customization. They will also look at competencies for trainers, how to make adjustments for different learning styles, and challenging training situations. Forms and tools are included to help implement four levels of evaluation. Students will also prepare and present their own training demonstrations.

    Course Topics:

    Session One: Course Overview

    Session Two: Preparing to Learn

    • Pre-Assignment Review
    • Individual Reflection

    Session Three: Understanding Learning

    • The Trainer’s Role
    • Personal Skill Identification

    Session Four: Competencies for Adult Educators

    • Questionnaire
    • Making Connections

    Session Five: Accommodating Learning Preferences

    • The Learning Process
    • Preparing a Plan
    • Learning Styles

    Session Six: Increasing Your Expertise

    • Learning and Motivation
    • Design Considerations
    • Changing Points of View

    Session Seven: Using Existing Materials

    • Customizing Courseware
    • Copyright Considerations
    • Over-Plan and Over-Prepare

    Session Eight: Managing the Stress of Training

    • Easy De-Stressing Techniques
    • Building Resilience
    • De-Stressing in Class

    Session Nine: Planning a Workshop

    • Preparing the Essentials
    • Planning for Success
    • Anticipating Challenges

    Session Ten: Preparing Visual Aids

    Session Eleven: Your Role as an Effective Communicator

    • Leading a Discussion
    • Making Connections

    Session Twelve: Questioning as a Training Technique

    Session Thirteen: Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation

    • Level One: Reaction
    • Level Two: Knowledge Evaluation
    • Level Three: Transfer of Learning
    • Level Four: Impact Evaluation
    • Skill Application

    Session Fourteen: On-the-Job Support

    Session Fifteen: Dealing with Difficult Situations

    Session Sixteen: Training in Different Forums

    • In Person or Not?
    • Limitations and Considerations

    Session Seventeen: Team Teaching

    • What is Team Teaching?
    • Co-Facilitation Inventory

    Session Eighteen: Training Preparation

    Session Nineteen: Training Presentations

    • Recommended Reading List
    • Post-Course Assessment
    • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
    • Personal Action Plan
              Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy
              Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy
              Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy
              Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer - eBSI Export Academy

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