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Self-Leadership - eBSI Export Academy
Self-Leadership - eBSI Export Academy
Self-Leadership - eBSI Export Academy
Self-Leadership - eBSI Export Academy


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As we grow, we learn to become leaders. Being a leader is natural for some, and learned for others. No matter how we have become a leader, it is important to remember we must lead ourselves before we lead others. Take the time to motivate yourself and realize that you can do it.

With our Self-Leadership course, participants will discover the specifics of how to be a better leader for themselves and for others. Participants will be able to guide themselves in positives ways, which equals success!

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started

Module Two: What Is Self-Leadership?

  • Sources
  • Before, During and After Action
  • Case Study
  • Review Questions

Module Three: Motivators

  • Need for Autonomy & Self-Efficacy
  • External & Internal Factors
  • Case Study
  • Review Questions

Module Four: Behavior Focus (I)

  • Focusers and Reminders
  • Cues & Self-Observation
  • Goal Setting
  • Case Study
  • Review Questions

Module Five: Behavior Focus (II)

  • Purpose
  • Reward & Punishment
  • Practice
  • Case Study
  • Review Questions

Module Six: Natural Rewards

  • Definition
  • Competence
  • Purpose and Self-Control
  • Life Activities
  • Case Study
  • Review Questions

Module Seven: Constructive Thinking       

  • Positive Thinking             
  • Self-Talk              
  • Aware of Personal Beliefs and Assumptions       
  • Opportunity Thinking    
  • Case Study
  • Review Questions              

Module Eight: Well-Being (I)    

  • Emotional Intelligence  
  • Stress Management      
  • Optimism           
  • Fun and Happiness         
  • Case Study   
  • Review Questions           

Module Nine: Well-Being (II)     

  • Fitness 
  • Diet       
  • Sleep    
  • Personal Effectiveness 
  • Case Study         
  • Review Questions              

Module Ten: Individuality            

  • Personality        
  • Locus of Control              
  • Self-Monitor     
  • Autonomy         
  • Case Study         
  • Review Questions               

Module Eleven: Personal Application             

  • Diversity             
  • Personal Problems         
  • Workplace Problems     
  • Social Responsibility       
  • Case Study         
  • Review Questions