Special Offers of the Week ending 28 March 2021

NEW from eBSI! Special Offers of the Week

As you may have noticed in our last email, we have started a new promotion offering 7 courses at half price or better on our site for 7 days. This includes 1 course priced at just 5 Euro! We will change the 7 courses every Sunday and inform you of the courses available as below. Remember every week will be a different set of courses and with 350+ courses now in our catalog we will have a different offer every week for the next year! If you see a course you like, grab it today before it returns to normal pricing on Sunday! Every week we will also feature one of our certificate programmes at half price so keep an eye out for those too! Here are this week's offers!

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This week's Programme on offer is a new launch!

The Course International Digital Marketing covers two key marketing pillars for any internationalising company:

  • Export Marketing (with 10 course units)
  • Digital Marketing (with 12 course units)

The course was developed to meet the needs of International Sales Professionals around the world to meet the merging needs and interests of these two areas of marketing.

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This week's €5 Offer is...

Searching for a job can be intimidating.

  • How do you know what job you're best suited for?
  • How do you build a winning resume and cover letter?
  • Where can you find job leads?
  • How do you network without feeling nervous?
  • What happens when you land an interview?
  • And most importantly, where do you find help when you need it?

The Job Search Skills course will give you the answers to all these questions, plus a plan to get you to a new job within a month.

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Our Premium CPD Course this week is...

This course will take you through the key elements of the GDPR and its rights and obligations so that any member of your organisation will be aware of their role and best practices for your organisation.

The course has practical assessments to ensure the knowledge provided is retained and understood. This is an essential course for every employee that could potentially have access to client or other personal records. In just 2 hours you will have a thorough understanding of these important rules and how to apply them.

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And our four remaining specials are...

Let our Entrepreneurship course help you achieve your dreams. Being an entrepreneur can be full of risks. These risks are minimized through drafting a business plan, knowing your competition, and successful marketing. All these and more can be found in our Entrepreneurship course.

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.

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Everyone wants to start their own online business nowadays. This is where our e-Entrepreneurship course comes in. Especially after the impact of Covid-19 on people's working practices, many who have lost their jobs have opted to create their own business.

This course teaches you techniques on how to boost sales of your online business. This is a big course with 16 hours of online content and 52 PDF documents.

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Improving diversity knowledge is a required component of every company. With more and more businesses having global presence workplace diversity is a forgone conclusion.

Participants will be able to use strategies to be proactive and remove barriers. They will be shown how to build and encourage diversity in their workplace and community. Our Workplace Diversity course will help participants understand what diversity is, and how they can create a more diverse environment.

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NEW RELEASE! Experiencing diversity is a part of living in a civilised society. Difference does not equal a right way and a wrong way, it is variety that can lead to a common goal. Understanding the various forms of diversity makes for a better company and world in general.

Course Objectives:
  • Define diversity
  • Understand various forms of diversity
  • Comprehend the importance of diversity training
  • Handle conflicts with regard to diversity
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