Writing a Business Plan - eBSI Export Academy
Writing a Business Plan - eBSI Export Academy
Writing a Business Plan - eBSI Export Academy


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Writing a Business Plan

eBSI Export Academy
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This course is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to create a business plan. All the essential steps are covered, including drafting the original document; identifying the audience; gathering information; researching; describing product plans; and marketing, sales, and accounting terms. Students will come away from the course energized and prepared to write their business plan.

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Research and analyze the individual components needed for a business plan.
  • Apply skills to create a business plan for different audiences, including investors, banks, and other stakeholders.
  • Explain the purpose and future of your business in easy to understand terms.
  • Use accounting terms to describe the future for your business.
  • Describe your marketing, sales, and planning strategies.

                                                                              Course Topics:

                                                                              Session One: Course Overview

                                                                              Session Two: What is a Business Plan For?

                                                                              Session Three: A General Business Plan Framework

                                                                              • Creating a Framework
                                                                              • Pre-Assignment Review

                                                                              Session Four: Identifying Your Audience

                                                                              • Who Are You Writing For?
                                                                              • The Rules of Writing

                                                                              Session Five: Gathering and Analyzing Information

                                                                              • GO-PARSE
                                                                              • PARSE in Action

                                                                              Session Six: Defining Your Company

                                                                              • Identifying Your USP
                                                                              • Writing Your Company Description
                                                                              • Describing Your Products and Services
                                                                              • Performing a Market Analysis
                                                                              • Developing an Operations Plan
                                                                              • Types of Operations

                                                                              Session Seven: Getting to Work

                                                                              Session Eight: Creating a Marketing Strategy

                                                                              • Introduction to Marketing
                                                                              • Analyzing the Competition and Yourself
                                                                              • Analyzing Distribution Channels
                                                                              • Creating a Marketing Plan
                                                                              • Sketching Out the Plan
                                                                              • Evaluate, Review, and Revise
                                                                              • Leveraging Social Media

                                                                              Session Nine: Creating the Sales Plan

                                                                              • Building Your Sales Force
                                                                              • The Sales Cycle

                                                                              Session Ten: Developing Financial Projections

                                                                              • Accounting Terminology
                                                                              • General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
                                                                              • Key Reports
                                                                              • Financial Projections

                                                                              Session Eleven: Putting It All Together

                                                                              • Writing the Executive Summary
                                                                              • Making a Strong Presentation
                                                                              • The Finishing Touches
                                                                              • Reviewing and Revising
                                                                              • Recommended Reading List
                                                                              • Personal Action Plan