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Wordpress Master

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Wordpress Master

Objectives: In this course you will learn highly advanced techniques and strategies for managing your Wordpress website.  This will include running it in Multi-site mode, adapting for Local Businesses, developing plugins, using Amazon S3 and other techniques to speed up your site.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.



Unit Contents: 


1.1. Introduction to WP Theme Creation
1.2. Different Types of Themes
1.3. Planning Your Layout for WordPress Theme
1.4. Designing Your Layout for WordPress
1.5. How to Find Photoshop (PSD. WordPress Theme Designers to Do the Work
1.6. Getting Experts to turn a PSD into a Basic WordPress Theme
1.7. Getting Experts to Create Custom Control Panels
1.8. Creating Premium Theme Specifications
1.9. How to Integrate Custom Control Panels
1.10. Sifting and Choosing the Right WordPress Expert
1.11. NDA – Protecting your Premium WordPress Theme Asset
1.12. Quality Assurance Testing
1.13. Branding and Packaging Your Themes
1.14. Angle of Selling - Free Level / Pro
1.15. Sales Copywriting 101
1.16. Where to Market your themes
1.17. Final Recap

2.1. vs.
2.2. Proprietary System Limitations
2.3. WordPress for Small Businesses
2.4. Myths Debunked
2.5. Easy CMS
2.6. Is it SEO Friendly?
2.7. Dynamic Websites
2.8. Custom WordPress Plugins

3. Wordpress Multi-Site
3.1. What Is WP Multisite And How Can It Help You?
3.2. Disadvantages of Multisite
3.3. How it Works
3.4. Can It Work With Existing Sites?
3.5. Planning Out Your MultiSite Network
3.6. How to Create Subdomains
3.7. Softaculous Installation
3.8. Quick Overview of Dashboard
3.9. Network settings
3.10. Super Admin
3.11. Individual Site Creation
3.12. Users
3.13. Network Enabled Plugins
3.14. Network Enabled Themes
3.15. How Do Updates Work?
3.16. How to Use Multisite As A User

4. Wordpress Plugin Design and Planning
01 Creating plugins - Introduction
02 Research Profitable Plugin Ideas
03 Verify your idea
04 Dig Deeper
05 Determining what the software does
06 List to Flow
07 User Interface Design
08 Writing Your Specifications
09 Finding Programmers

5. Wordpress Plugin Creation (Outsourcing)
01 Introduction
02 Skillsets
03 Personality
04 Best Freelancer Site
05 Research
06 How much to pay?
07 Job Post
08 Search

6. Amazon S3 Hosting
1. Introduction and Quick Overview
2. Calculating Your Costs
3. What You Need
4. Recommended Software and Why
5. Connect to S3
6. Buckets and Folders
7. Prevent Unauthorised Access
8. Transferring Files PC to Amazon
9. Getting URL to Each File

7. How to Speed Up Your Wordpress Sites
01 Introduction and Getting Started
02 Advantages of Fast Site Speet
03 Reasons Why Your Site is Slow
04 Too Much in Your Site
05 Is Your Web Hosting Slowing You Down?
06 Image Optimization
07 Parasite Protection
08 Wordpress Caching
09 Content Delivery Networks

Wordpress Master - eBSI Export Academy
Wordpress Master - eBSI Export Academy
Wordpress Master - eBSI Export Academy
Wordpress Master - eBSI Export Academy

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