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Using GPTs

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DM-044d Using GPTs

Dive into the world of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) with our comprehensive course, designed to unlock the full potential of GPT technology. This course is ideal for individuals looking to leverage GPTs for business, personal use, or creative projects. Whether you're a Chat GPT Plus account holder or aspiring to be one, this course will guide you through the nuances of customizing and optimizing GPTs for specific tasks and projects. From understanding the basics of GPTs to exploring advanced features like file uploads, voice interactions, and monetization strategies, this course covers everything you need to master the capabilities of GPT technology.

Topics Covered

- Introducing GPTs  
- Prompts for Information  
- Create a GPT - Part One  
- Create a GPT - Part 2  
- Saving Your GPT  
- File Upload Limits  
- Verifying GPT Builder Domain  
- File Uploads  
- Plugins  
- Plugin Output  
- Multiple File Upload  
- Image Input  
- Dall-e  
- Custom Instructions  
- Combine Custom Instructions with Dall-e  
- Customizing a GPT  
- Managing Shared Links  
- Mobile App - Voice Prompting and Output  
- Mobile App and Image Focusing  
- Managing Your Data  

Using GPTs
Using GPTs
Using GPTs
Using GPTs
Using GPTs

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