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Tiktok Marketing

eBSI Export Academy
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Duration: 2 Hours
Certification: 2 CPD Credits upon Successful Completion

Course Overview:
Dive into the dynamic world of TikTok marketing with eBSI Export Academy's comprehensive course, designed to transform beginners into savvy TikTok marketers. This 2-hour journey is packed with practical insights and hands-on tutorials, culminating in a recognized certification that adds value to your professional credentials.

What You Will Learn:

  1. TikTok Overview: Understand the landscape of TikTok and its impact on digital marketing.
  2. TikTok Mobile and Desktop App: Navigate through the nuances of both mobile and desktop versions.
  3. Setting Up Your TikTok Profile: Create a profile that stands out and attracts followers.
  4. Adding TikTok Contacts: Expand your network by connecting with relevant users.
  5. TikTok Home Screen Controls: Master the interface for efficient use.
  6. TikTok Search and Explore: Discover how to find trends and inspiration.
  7. Shooting Your Video with TikTok: Learn the art of creating engaging content.
  8. Add Sound To Your Video: Incorporate music and sound for greater impact.
  9. Effects Element for Videos: Enhance your videos with creative effects.
  10. Add Text to Your Video: Utilize text for clearer communication.
  11. Add Stickers: Make your videos more interactive and fun.
  12. Add Voiceover: Narrate your story with a personal touch.
  13. Voice Effects: Experiment with voice modifications to add flair.
  14. Adjust the Clip: Edit your videos for perfect timing and flow.
  15. Video Filters: Apply filters to set the right mood and tone.
  16. Post Your Video: Learn the best practices for publishing your content.
  17. Upload From Your Mobile Device: Seamlessly transfer content from mobile to TikTok.
  18. Do A Mobile Screen Capture Video: Capture live moments directly from your screen.
  19. Additional Settings: Customize your experience for optimal use.
  20. Switching To A Pro Account: Upgrade for advanced features and analytics.
  21. Recording a Duet Video: Collaborate with others creatively.
  22. Uploading From Desktop: Manage content from your desktop for added convenience.

Who Should Enroll:
This course is ideal for marketers, content creators, influencers, and anyone eager to leverage TikTok for personal or professional growth.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate, accrediting 2 CPD credits, acknowledging their newfound expertise in TikTok marketing.

Enroll Now and Transform Your TikTok Presence!

Tiktok Marketing
Tiktok Marketing
Tiktok Marketing
Tiktok Marketing
Tiktok Marketing

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