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Social Selling for Small Businesses

eBSI Export Academy
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This course explores why social selling is an essential requirement for sales teams in today’s business environment, and how the relationships that are created and nurtured within social media can help grow and sustain a business. How to apply specific techniques to connect with an audience and potential fans in the social space will also be looked at.

If your students want to learn more about Social Selling for Small Businesses, this course is the perfect solution. It covers what social selling is, how to build a winning strategy, and tools that small business owners can use to help them be successful.

                                                      Course Topics:

                                                      Session 1: Course Overview

                                                      • Learning Objectives

                                                      Session 2: Defining Social Selling

                                                      • It Is What It Is
                                                      • The Relationship Between Social Media and Sales Professionals
                                                      • Pre-Assignment Review, Part One
                                                      • Pre-Assignment Review, Part Two
                                                      • Pre-Assignment Review, Part Three
                                                      • Getting Clear
                                                      • What’s Your Purpose?
                                                      • Case Study

                                                      Session 3: Doing Your Research

                                                      • Who Will You Connect With? Part One
                                                      • Who Will You Connect With? Part Two
                                                      • Why Do You Want To Connect With Them?
                                                      • How Will You Connect and Engage?
                                                      • Making Connections
                                                      • Making It Work
                                                      • What Do You Need?
                                                      • The Changing Marketplace

                                                      Session 4: Building Relationships

                                                      • Who Do You Know?
                                                      • What It’s All About
                                                      • Expanding Your Circle
                                                      • Other People’s Content
                                                      • Making Connections
                                                      • Blog Post: Think You Can Ignore a Cracked or Pitted Windshield?
                                                      • Question

                                                      Session 5: Sharing Content

                                                      • Being Relevant
                                                      • Making Connections
                                                      • Helping Your Sales Team Flourish
                                                      • What About You?
                                                      • Defining Yourself
                                                      • Coaching Your Team
                                                      • Listen and Learn
                                                      • Case Study
                                                      • Getting in Touch

                                                      Session 6: Leveraging Technology

                                                      • Diving In
                                                      • Social Platforms – LinkedIn
                                                      • Getting Started, Part One
                                                      • Getting Started, Part Two
                                                      • Getting Started, Part Three
                                                      • Getting Started, Part Four
                                                      • Social Platforms – Twitter
                                                      • Knowing When You’re There
                                                      • Summary
                                                      • Social Platforms – The Beauty of Pictures, Part One
                                                      • Social Platforms – The Beauty of Pictures, Part Two

                                                      Session 7: Measuring the Results

                                                      • Measuring Social Media, Part One
                                                      • Measuring Social Media, Part Two
                                                      • Your CRM

                                                      Session 8: Keep Going Forward

                                                      • Keep Moving
                                                      • Making Connections, Part One
                                                      • Making Connections, Part Two
                                                      • A Personal Action Plan
                                                      • Starting Point
                                                      • Where I Want to Go
                                                      • How I Will Get There
                                                      • Course Summary
                                                      • Recommended Reading List
                                                      • Course Completion
                                                                                                                            Social Selling for Small Businesses - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                            Social Selling for Small Businesses - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                            Social Selling for Small Businesses - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                            Social Selling for Small Businesses

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