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Project 2016 Advanced

eBSI Export Academy
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This course was written for trainees wishing to learn to use Microsoft Project. It is written for using Microsoft Project in the Office 2016 suite of applications. However, it does not include a ‘New Features’ section exclusively about new features in Microsoft Project 2016. It is very easy to see a complete list of the new features in Office v2016 in the Help menu on-screen. This courseware cannot and should not compete with the comprehensive coverage of new features detailed by Microsoft within the application’s help files. To do so would be to hinder learning the raw application.

What this course seeks to do is teach the trainee Project in the hope that he/she may be able to go and work just as well using v2002 for example and other versions. Wherever possible, ‘version functionality’ is purposely avoided.

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline

1. Managing the project and understanding project views

Exercises: Preparing a project for analysis and tracking and performing Resource Leveling
Customising the Gantt Chart bars
Displaying the Critical Path
Using the Formatting Tab of the ribbon
Using Network Diagrams
Displaying Tables
Inserting  and hiding columns
Creating a New Table
Applying Filters
Using AutoFilters
Understanding and viewing WBS Codes

2. Examining and Updating the Project

Amending tasks using various views
Using Resource Leveling
Understanding baseline and interim plans
View project baseline information
Compare baseline and scheduled information
Tracking and Updating Tasks Effectively
Exercise: Updating the Holiday project
Viewing Progress Lines
Exercise: Show the Project Progress Line
Understanding project costs
Exercise: Adding costs
Creating a budget
Viewing total resource costs
Viewing total task costs
Reducing project costs
Understanding Project Deliverables

3. Printing and Reporting

Printing project views
Viewing and changing the print settings
Add a header, footer, or legend to a view
Viewing the built in Reports
Editing Reports
Visual Reports
What You Can Print
Reports by Report Type

4. Multiple Projects and Resource Sharing

The Resource Pool
Exercise: Create a resource pool from an existing project and share the resources
Updating the Resource Pool
Review and update assignments
Update resource availability or cost information
Stop sharing resources (temporarily)
Stop sharing resources from a Resource Pool (permanently)
Consolidating projects
When to use a master project and subprojects
Insert subprojects into a master project
Compare Project Versions

Project 2016 Advanced - eBSI Export Academy
Project 2016 Advanced - eBSI Export Academy
Project 2016 Advanced - eBSI Export Academy
Project 2016 Advanced - eBSI Export Academy

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