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PLEASE NOTE : Periscope was discontinued on 31 March 2021 due to declining usage, product realignment, and high maintenance costs. However, Periscope videos can still be watched via Twitter and most of its core features are now incorporated into the app.

We have kept this course live and free of charge only for research purposes for those seeking information about the service for purely academic purposes.

Completing this course will confer 4 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.



In this course you will cover the following areas:

1. Introduction to Periscope
1.2 What Is Live Video Streaming
1.3 The Marketing Potential For Streaming
1.4 Why Periscope?
1.5 Your Strategy - Provide Value
1.6 Periscope Marketing For Business
1.7 How To Make Amazing Video
1.8 Top Tips For Generating More Viewers
1.9 Other Platforms
1.10 Conclusion

2. Periscope Marketing in Practice
2.2 A tour of all the important features
2.3 Setting up you profile for maximum branding
2.4 Configuring your broadcast settings
2.5 Using the perfect title for your scope
2.6 The 9 different types of broadcasts
2.7 Picking the perfect time to broadcast
2.8 How to properly interact with your viewers
2.9 Save and publish your scopes online
2.10 Using trending hashtags to expand your audience

3. Advanced Techniques
3.2 End Each Scope With A Solid Call To Action
3.3 How To Grow Your Followers On Social Media Accounts
3.4 Grow Your Business With Cross-Promotion
3.5 Using IFTTT To Automate Broadcasts
3.6 Build Your Mailing List During Each Broadcast
3.7 How To Generate Income From Periscope
3.8 Using Q_A Sessions To Build Authority

4. Periscope for Entrepreneurs
4.2 Getting Started Walkthrough With Periscope
4.3 In-Depth Dashboard Walkthrough
4.4 Tips To Follow Before You Broadcast
4.5 Tips For The Actual-Broadcast
4.6 Tips For After The Actual Broadcast
4.7 Growing Your Periscope Audience
4.8 Ways To Monetize Periscope

Periscope Marketing - eBSI Export Academy
Periscope Marketing - eBSI Export Academy
Periscope Marketing - eBSI Export Academy
Periscope Marketing - eBSI Export Academy

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