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Online Meetings with Zoom
Online Meetings with Zoom
Online Meetings with Zoom

Online Meetings with Zoom

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Online Meetings with Zoom

Objectives: This course teaches you how to utilize Zoom for video conferencing, online meetings and online presentations.

Unit Contents:

1. Meetings with Zoom Essentials
In this topic you will cover:
1. Online Meeting with Zoom Essentials
1.1 Overview
1.2 Quick Start
1.3 Plans and Pricing
1.4 The Zoom Desktop Client
1.5 Update Your Zoom Desktop Client
1.6 Zoom Desktop Client Working with Contacts
1.7 Zoom Desktop Client Interface
1.8 Zoom Client General Settings
1.9 Zoom Desktop Client Video Settings
1.10 Zoom Desktop Client Other Settings
1.11 Zoom Desktop Client Recording Settings
1.12 Zoom Cloud Account Settings
1.13 Zoom Cloud Account Settings Meeting
1.14 Zoom Cloud Account Settings Meetings Basic
1.15 Zoom Cloud Account Settings Meetings Advanced
1.16 Zoom Cloud Account Settings Email Notifications
1.17 Zoom Cloud Account Settings Recordings
1.18 Managing Your Zoom Recordings
1.19 Meeting Flexibility
1.20 Setting Up a Meeting
1.21 Process Start to Finish
1.22 The PowerPoint Presentation Process
1.23 Conclusion
1.24 Zoom Meeting the Customer Perspective
1.25 Zoom Mobile Meeting the Customer Perspective

2. Meetings with Zoom Advanced
In this topic you will cover:
2. Online Meeting with Zoom Advanced
2.1 Overview Advanced Zoom Processes
2.2 Zoom and Basic Calendar Applications
2.3 Connect Zoom to A Cloud Based Automated Calendar System
2.4 Connect Zoom to A Cloud Based Scheduling System Part 2
2.5 Connect Zoom to Your Facebook Group
2.6 Embed Your Zoom Webinar on Your Wordpress Website
2.7 Broadcast Meetings and Webinars on Twitter
2.8 Broadcast to Multiple Locations Simultaneously
2.9 Add a Customer to Zoom After an Affiliate Purchase
2.10 Conclusion & the Customer Perspective
2.11 Customer Perspective Invited to A Zoom Webinar