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Course Outline

Seat Time: 2.hrs

This course will introduce the learner to the various duties and objectives of bank notaries. The learner will become acquainted with the process and procedures surrounding identity verification, oaths, and more. After completing this program, the learner will be able to:

  • Verify identities, notarize oaths and affirmations.
  • Certify copies and depositions, and confirm affidavits and verifications.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest by knowing when to say no. 

Course Topics

T1. Verifying Identities: This topic will discuss the responsibility of notaries to verify the identity of signers, and will include elements that will protect notaries from mistakes and liabilities.

T2. Oaths and Affirmations: This topic will describe oaths and affirmations, outline the differences between the two, and discuss how to administer them, how they are used, and exceptions.

T3. Signature Witnesses: This topic will define 'signature witness' and will discuss how to verify signatures and typical signature duties.

T4. Certifying Copies: This topic will illustrate the purpose and common uses of certificates, including information on what to remember and what to do before issuing a certified copy.

T5. Depositions: This topic will provide the learner with a description of depositions, how depositions are used, how to take a deposition, and what precautions to remember.

T6. Affidavits and Verifications: This topic will acquaint the learner with the concepts of affidavits and verifications, how affidavits and verifications are used, and necessary precautions.

T7. Know When to Say No: This topic will detail what concepts must be considered when performing a notarization, including inappropriate identification and partially signed documents.

T8. Conflicts of Interest: This topic will describe conflicts of interest in particular to the notary position, and what to do if a conflict of interest ever arises.

T9. Notarial Do's and Don'ts: This topic will clarify general guidelines that notaries must be aware of when performing duties, such as recognizing duties and time, and being mindful of what is being signed and stamped.

Notary Duties - eBSI Export Academy
Notary Duties - eBSI Export Academy
Notary Duties - eBSI Export Academy
Notary Duties - eBSI Export Academy
Notary Duties - eBSI Export Academy
Notary Duties - eBSI Export Academy

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