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Introduction to International Trade Payments

eBSI Export Academy
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In this learning unit you will:

Learn about the various methods of payment and the differences between them as used in international trade.

This will be achieved by:

- Outlining a definition of an international sale
- Explaining what a method of payment in international trade is.
- Examining how to receive and effect payment for international contracts of sale.
- Analyzing the various methods of payment in international trade.
- Learning about Collections and the difference between a Clean and Documentary Collection.

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 Classification of Methods of Payment

1.2 Criteria for the Choice of a Method of Payment

1.3 Factors Affecting the Importer's and the Exporter's Choice

1.4 Trust and Good Faith

1.5 Bank Services

1.6 Receiving Payment for Bad Debts - Collection Agencies

1.7 Analysis of Methods of Payment

1.8 Other Methods of Payment for Export

1.9 Payback

1.10 Non-Monetary Methods of Payment




4.1 Documentary Payment Order

4.2 Documentary Payment Order



6.1 Documentary Collection

6.2 Documentary Collection


7.1 Countries and Payment Terms

7.2 Countries and Payment Terms

7.3 Countries and Payment Terms

7.4 Countries and Payment Terms

7.5 Countries and Payment Terms

8. BONUS China Systems BPO demo

8.1 BPO Opening Screen

8.2 BPO Background

8.3 BPO Background 2

8.4 BPO Background 3

8.5 What is BPO

9. BPO Process

9.1 BPO Process 1

9.2 BPO Process 2

9.3 BPO Process 3

9.4 BPO Process 4

9.5 BPO Process 5

9.6 BPO Process 6

9.7 BPO Process 7

9.8 BPO Process schematic

9.9 BPO Final

Further Reading

1 – Basic Summary of Methods of Payment

2 – Improving the Availability of Trade Finance during Financial Crises

3 – A Study of International Trade Finance Practices

4 – How Banks Affect Export Patterns

5 – International trade: Cost and efficiency of selected payment instruments

6 – UNCITRAL Model Law on International Credit Transfers

7 – Payment Methods in International Trade

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Introduction to International Trade Payments - eBSI Export Academy
Introduction to International Trade Payments - eBSI Export Academy
Introduction to International Trade Payments - eBSI Export Academy
Introduction to International Trade Payments - eBSI Export Academy

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