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Mastering Mailchimp

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Mastering Mailchimp is a comprehensive course designed to guide you through the ins and outs of one of the most popular email marketing platforms, Mailchimp. Whether you're a small business owner, a large institution, or an individual looking to expand your digital reach, this course is tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage your email marketing campaigns.

Beyond the basics of email marketing, the course also delves into Mailchimp's expanded offerings, including website building and analytical services. You'll learn how to set up and configure your account, build an email marketing list, create and manage audiences, and much more. The course also covers the platform's integrated features with other cloud-based services, ensuring you can maximize your usage of Mailchimp.


Topics Covered:
  1. Introduction to Mailchimp: Overview of the platform and its capabilities.
  2. Understanding Mailchimp's Offerings: A look at Mailchimp's expanded services beyond email marketing.
  3. Setting Up Your Account: Step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure your Mailchimp account.
  4. Understanding Audiences: Detailed explanation of Mailchimp's audience feature and how to manage your contacts.
  5. Adding Contacts: Learn how to add contacts individually or import them from a CSV or Excel file.
  6. Creating Signup Forms: A guide on how to create signup forms using Mailchimp's form builder.
  7. Audience Settings: Detailed walkthrough of audience settings, including enabling double opt-in, CAPTCHA, and more.
  8. Using Inbox Feature: Learn how to manage replies to your messages using Mailchimp's inbox feature.
  9. Understanding Tags: Learn how to use tags to identify and manage individuals in your audience.
  10. Complying with Laws: A look at GDPR fields and settings, and the required email footer content to comply with email laws.
Mastering Mailchimp
Mastering Mailchimp
Mastering Mailchimp
Mastering Mailchimp

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