Making Training Stick - eBSI Export Academy
Making Training Stick - eBSI Export Academy
Making Training Stick - eBSI Export Academy


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Making Training Stick

eBSI Export Academy
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A professional trainer is only as good as the lessons they leave with their students. If the lesson doesn’t stick, then the trainer has missed the mark.

Many types of learners exist, along with several types of methods to make sure learners retain what they have been taught. It’s up to the trainer to blend the two fields of thought to present a course that is effective and that stays with the learners.

                                                    Course Topics:

                                                    Session One: Course Overview

                                                    Session Two: Five Strategies for Stickiness!

                                                    • Background Information
                                                    • The Five Strategies

                                                    Session Three: Designing a Program That Will Stick

                                                    • Building Support for your Program
                                                    • Writing Learning Objectives

                                                    Session Four: Teaching Tips and Tricks

                                                    Session Five: What Method is the Stickiest?

                                                    Session Six: Following Up

                                                    • Seven Points for any Follow-Up Program
                                                    • The Buddy System and Delegating Follow-Up
                                                    • Follow-up or Folly?

                                                    Session Seven: Strategies for Taking Training Further

                                                    • Mentorship Programs
                                                    • Trainee Trains Others
                                                    • Recommended Reading List
                                                    • Personal Action Plan
                                                    • Course Evaluation