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International Transport & Logistics - eBSI Export Academy
International Transport & Logistics - eBSI Export Academy
International Transport & Logistics - eBSI Export Academy
International Transport & Logistics - eBSI Export Academy


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International Transport & Logistics

eBSI Export Academy
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Transport is one of the main component factors taken into account when determining the final price of a product.  Due to globalisation, transport gains even greater relevance.  New production techniques, logistics and distribution nowadays makes no sense if they are not supported by an appropriate communications infrastructure.

In this unit you will learn about Transport and Logistics in the distribution process.
This will be achieved by:
- Analysing the factors to consider when selecting a mode of transport.
- Learning about the logistics process and the different concepts involved in Logistics.
- Examining the different logistical infrastructures.
- Analysing the factors to be considered when selecting a logistics company.
- Examining the various transport and insurance documents that are required when importing and exporting.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 Logistics

1.2 Supply Chain Management

1.3 Logistics Evolution

1.4 Basic Logistics Concepts

1.5 Modes of Transport

1.6 Operators

1.7 Logistical Infrastructures

1.8 JIT Approach (Just in Time)

1.9 QR (Quick Response)

1.10 Important Logistics Terms

1.11 Supply Methods

1.12 Types of Logistics

1.13 Logistics Costs

1.14 Delivery Period

1.15.1 Selecting a Logistics Company


2.1 Characteristics of Goods

2.2 Accessibility

2.3 The Importer

2.4 Transport Costs


3.1 Checklist for a Transport Document


4.1 Insurance Policy

4.2 Insurance Certificate


5.1 Known Consignor

5.2 Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

5.3 Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Forum Assignment

Further Reading

1- Logistics Best Practice Guide

2- 15 Key Factors That Impact Your Distribution Network Effectiveness

3- European Best Practice Cargo Securing Guidelines

4- 10 Keys to Global Logistics Excellence

5- Supply Chain Security Guide from the World Bank

6- World Customs Organization Compendium AEO