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International Promotion Policy

eBSI Export Academy
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By the term promotion, we understand all those activities developed by the marketing department to disseminate the product in the market with the objective of increasing sales, understanding and image.  Promotion policy in foreign trade works within the structure of the marketing mix.  Promotion policy applies to each of the countries to which the company wishes to export.  Promotion should generate a positive attitude to the product while taking into account every country's own idiosyncracies.

In this unit you will:
- learn about the factors affecting promotion decisions,
- understand the workings of advertising and publicity,
- understand the purpose of brochures and catalogues
- gain the insights needed to create your own international promotion campaigns.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 Promotion Policy. Factors

1.2 Promotion Policy. Customer Orientation


2.1 Promotion Policies. Brochures & Catalogues


3.1 Global Advertising?

3.1.1 Global Advertising - Difficulties

3.1.2 The Advertising Agency

3.2 Public Relations

3.3 Sales Promotion

3.4 Sales Force


4.1 Referring to the Product

4.2 Referring to the cost

4.3 Where Promotion Resources Go

4.4 Direct Promotion

4.5 Indirect Promotion

4.5.1 Indirect Promotion – Tools Available

4.6 Imbalances in the Promotion Mix

4.7 Promotion 10% of Sales

4.8 Promotion Mix and Assignment of Human Resources

4.9 Supporting Direct Promotion

Further Reading

1- Strategic Influence of Promotional Mix on Organisational Sales Turnover in the face of strong competition.

2- International Advertising Strategy.

3- Marketing Strategy in terms of Promotion and Communication for Energy Drinks in Ghana.

4- Integrated Marketing and Promotion.

5- Sales Promotion Strategy of Selected Companies of FMCC Sector in Gujarat Region.

Forum Assignment

International Promotion Policy - eBSI Export Academy
International Promotion Policy - eBSI Export Academy
International Promotion Policy - eBSI Export Academy
International Promotion Policy - eBSI Export Academy

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