International Pricing Policy - eBSI Export Academy
International Pricing Policy - eBSI Export Academy
International Pricing Policy - eBSI Export Academy
International Pricing Policy - eBSI Export Academy


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International Pricing Policy

eBSI Export Academy
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One of the most complicated aspects of foreign trade is pricing policy.

An incorrect pricing policy can lead to total failure in international markets.  First of all we should find out about prices in various international markets, this information will allow us to have some real criteria for setting our export prices. However, we will meet the familiar dilemma of global or local prices.

From another point of view the price is attached to the selected Incoterms, in the more competitive markets it is habitual to deliver product to client’s premises, thereby offering DDP prices.  In some countries this is impossible, and it will cause us problems.  One of the solutions can be if we have FOB Global prices and then we will be able to adapt them to each market according to the costs of this market.

In this unit you will learn the importance of an appropriate pricing strategy when entering new export markets.

This will be achieved by :

- Examining the pricing options available to the exporter.
- Outlining the criteria to be used when establishing a pricing strategy.
- Analysing the goals of a pricing policy.
- Detailing how to arrive at an export price.
- Introducing the criteria defined in pricing under Incoterms 2020.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 National Pricing and Export Pricing

1.2 Pricing by Intuition

1.3 The Lowest Price?

1.4 Price Concepts

1.5 Goals of the Pricing Policy

1.6 A Flexible Tool

1.7 Price: A Key Factor

1.8 Price Reduction Policy

1.9 The Export Price

1.10 Elasticity of Demand

1.11 Effects of Competition

1.12 Factors that Determine Price


2.1 Examples

2.2 Prices in Foreign Currencies?

2.3 Prices in Foreign Currencies?

2.4 Prices for Consumer Goods / Industrial Equipment

2.5 Market Segmentation and Prices

2.6 European Union / E-commerce


3.1 Pricing Policies for Different International Markets

3.2 Government Controls

3.3 Pricing Policy and Inflation

3.4 Pricing Policy and Inflation

3.5 Pricing Policy and Inflation

3.6 Transfer Pricing

3.7 Worldwide Pricing Policy

3.8 Policy of Delegating Prices

Further Reading

1- Pricing Challenges in Global Marketing: A Model for Global Marketing

2- Export Pricing Objectives and Factors Influencing them

3- Export Prices and Exchange Rates : An Industry Approach

4- An Examination of Factors that Affect Pricing Decisions for Export Markets

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