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Be a Leader with Integrity
Be a Leader with Integrity
Be a Leader with Integrity
Be a Leader with Integrity


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Be a Leader with Integrity

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Leading with integrity creates a powerful opportunity to support employees, to build a positive company culture and to achieve meaningful long-term growth. Integrity always lies on a foundation of honest, transformational leadership, trust, and authenticity. Leaders who can lead with integrity, and communicate that vision with confidence and charisma, will transform profits, performance and longevity for their company and their team.

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand why integrity makes a powerful, lasting impact
  • Recognize and use the four ‘I’s of transformational leadership
  • Practice better self-leadership
  • Measure and develop your authenticity and transformational leadership
  • Develop charismatic behaviors and improve your skills of persuasion
  • Learn how to transform others

                Course Topics:

                Session One: Course Overview

                • Learning Objectives 

                Session Two: Deep Impact

                • What is Integrity?
                • Case Studies
                • Case Studies
                • Integrity and Authenticity
                • Two Leaders
                • Case Study Questions

                Session Three: Self-Leadership

                • What is Self-Leadership?
                • What is Self-Leadership?
                • Do Well - Do Better
                • Best Habits

                Session Four: The Ripple Effect

                • What is the Ripple Effect?
                • Case Study 1
                • Case Study 2
                • Positive Ripple Effects

                Session Five: Transformational Leadership

                • What is Transformational Leadership?
                • What is Transformational Leadership?
                • What is Transformational Leadership?
                • Transformational Leadership Questionnaire
                • The Four ‘I’s
                • Sales Pitch
                • Action Plan

                Session Six: Mission to Mars

                • Mission To Mars Challenge
                • Curveball

                Session Seven: Charisma: Inspire and Motivate

                • What is Charisma?
                • The Dark Side of Charisma
                • Charismatic People
                • Case Studies
                • Case Study 1
                • Case Study 2
                • Ten Fast Facts About Charisma
                • Ten Fast Facts About Charisma

                Session Eight: The Art of Persuasion

                • Key Behaviors of Charismatic Communication
                • A Great Story
                • Persuasion Practice
                • Adding Some Flair

                Session Nine: One-on-Ones: Transforming Others

                • Practice Using Today’s Tools
                • Acting as A Mentor: Action Plan