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Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP

eBSI Export Academy
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Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP

Objectives: This four hour course provides basic to expert techniques on how to design graphics for your online business using some of the most user friendly programs: Canva, Photoshop and GIMP.  This course combines very well with other graphics courses in our catalog.

Completing this course will confer 4 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


Unit Contents:

 1. Basic Design with Canva
In this topic you will cover: 
1. Basic Graphics Design with Canva
1.1 What Can We Design
1.2 Creating Media Posts
1.3 Logos and Transparent Backgrounds
1.4 How To Cancel Canva For Work
1.5 Pinterest Graphics and Custom Dimensions
1.6 Where to Get Feminine Stock Photos for Pinterest
1.7 Pinterest Graphics Style 1
1.8 Pinterest Graphics Style 2
1.9 Magic Resize
1.10 Youtube Thumbnails and Royalty Free Photos
1.11 Menus Frames Grids
1.12 Conclusion

2. Advanced Graphic Design with Photoshop and GIMP
2.1 PS - Creating a New Document
2.2 PS - Common Selection Tools And Uses
2.3 PS - File Types And Modes
2.4 PS - Cropping Resizing And Resolution
2.5 PS - Working With Layers
2.6 PS - Layer Blending Modes
2.7 PS - The Text Tool
2.8 PS - Glowing Text Effect
2.9 PS - Gold Text Effect
2.10 GIMP - Getting Started With GIMP
2.11 - GIMP - Create Save And Export Images
2.12 - GIMP - Resize Crop Rotate And Flip Images
2.13 - GIMP - Introduction To Layers
2.14 - GIMP - Selection Tools
2.15 - GIMP - Paint Tools

3. Expert Graphic Design with Photoshop and GIMP
3.1 PS Using Curves In Photoshop For Better Lighting And Color 
3.2 PS Adjusting Brightness Contrast And Exposure To Improve Lighting 
3.3 PS Make Photos Pop And Change Colors With Hue Saturation Adjustments 
3.4 PS Photoshop Project 1 Create Web Banner Ads 
3.5 PS Photoshop Project 2 Design For YouTube 
3.6 PS Photoshop Project 3 Design a Facebook Advertisement 
3.7 PS Photoshop Project 4 Design a Facebook Page Cover 
3.8 PS Photoshop Project 5 Creating Typography Quotes Images 
3.9 PS Healing Brush 
3.10 PS Smart Filters 
3.11 PS Image Dispersion Effect 
3.12 PS Double Exposure effect 
3.13 PS Neon Text Effect 
3.14 PS Fire Text Effect 
3.15 PS Lens Flare Effect 
3.16 PS Lomography Effect 
3.17 GMP Digital Black And White Conversion 
3.18 GMP Coloring A Black And White Sketch 
3.19 GMP Tone Mapping With Colors Exposures 
3.20 GMP Film Grain Tutorial 
3.21 GMP Luminosity Masks 
3.22 GMP Creating A Contrast Mask 
3.23 GMP Changing Background Color (Part 1) 
3.24 GMP Changing Background Color (Part 2) 
3.25 GMP The Various Blur Filters 
3.26 GMP Noise Removal With Selective Gaussian Blur 
3.27 GMP Paint Tools (Part 2) 
3.28 GMP Color Tools 
3.29 GMP GMP Path Tool 
3.30 GMP Installing Scripts, Plug-Ins and Brushes 

Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP - eBSI Export Academy
Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP - eBSI Export Academy
Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP - eBSI Export Academy
Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP - eBSI Export Academy

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