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Google G Suite Create

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The skills needed to take full advantage of the power of four of Google G Suite’s online apps will be taught in this course. No previous experience is needed; this training is for everyone. Learn how to create, share, sync and collaborate with this online-only productivity suite.

The course will teach you how to:

  • sign in and navigate through G Suite
  • store, synchronize and share using Google Drive
  • create with Google Docs word processor, and collaborate in real time
  • develop, analyze, and package data with Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • use Google Slides to create and share slide presentations

          Course Topics:

          Lesson 1: About G Suite

          TOPIC A: Overview

          • What is Google G Suite?
          • G Suite Applications
          • Why Use G Suite?

          TOPIC B: Signing In

          • Signing In
          • Navigating Google Apps
          • Signing Out
          • Summary
          • Review Questions

          Lesson 2: Google Drive

          TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Drive

          • What is Google Drive?
          • Navigate the Interface
          • Viewing Files
          • Downloading Files

          TOPIC B: Work with Files

          • Upload Files to the Web
          • Upload and Sync Files with Drive File Stream
          • Delete and Recover Files

          TOPIC C: Organize and Search Google Drive

          • Using Folders
          • Changing the Sort Type
          • Using Stars to Group Files
          • Search for Files and Folders
          • Activity 2-3
          • Summary
          • Review Questions

          Lesson 3: Google Docs (Part 1)

          TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Docs

          • What is Google Docs?
          • Opening Google Docs
          • Navigating the Interface
          • Naming and Saving a Document

          TOPIC B: Composing and Editing Google Docs (Part 1)

          • Changing Text Size, Font, and Color
          • Applying Text Effects
          • Highlighting Text
          • Applying and Creating Styles
          • Using the Paint Format Tool
          • Inserting Lines, Footnotes, and Page Breaks

          TOPIC C: Composing and Editing Google Docs (Part 2)

          • Changing Headers and Footers
          • Adding Page Numbers
          • Creating a Table of Contents
          • Setting Page Margins, Orientation, and Color
          • Activity3-3
          • Summary
          • Review Questions

          Lesson 4: Google Docs (Part 2)

          TOPIC A: Working with Images and Tables

          • Inserting and Removing an Image
          • Changing Image Placement
          • Inserting and Removing Tables
          • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
          • Changing Table Options
          • Formatting Cells
          • Resizing a Table

          TOPIC B: Collaborate with Google Docs

          • Share Files with Other Google Users
          • Edit a Document with Another User at the Same Time
          • Working with Versions
          • Make and Work with Suggested Edits

          TOPIC C: Reviewing and Distributing Documents

          • Adding Comments
          • Spellchecking
          • Emailing a Doc
          • Printing a Doc
          • Downloading a Doc
          • Activity 4-3
          • Summary
          • Review Questions

          Lesson 5: Google Sheets

          TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Sheets

          • What is Google Sheets?
          • Opening Google Sheets
          • Navigating the Interface
          • Naming, and Saving a Spreadsheet
          • Understanding Common Google Sheets Terminology

          TOPIC B: Editing Spreadsheets

          • Entering and Importing Cell Contents

          TOPIC C: Working with Spreadsheet Data

          • Sorting Data on a Spreadsheet
          • Using Formulas and Functions
          • Using Quick Sum
          • Referencing Data from other Sheets
          • Creating Charts
          • Inserting, Deleting, and Clearing Rows and Columns
          • Moving Rows, Columns, and Cells
          • Creating a Series of Numbers or Dates

          TOPIC D: Formatting and Finalizing Spreadsheets

          • Freezing Rows and Columns
          • Formatting Cells, Rows, and Columns
          • Using Conditional Formatting
          • Adding Comments
          • Emailing a Spreadsheet
          • Activity 5-4
          • Summary
          • Review Questions

          Lesson 6: Google Slides

          TOPIC A: Getting Started with Google Slides

          • What is Google Slides?
          • Opening Google Docs
          • Navigating the Interface
          • Naming and Saving a Presentation

          TOPIC B: Formatting a Presentation

          • Choosing a Theme
          • Adding and Deleting a Slide
          • Changing the Background
          • Changing the Layout
          • Changing the Transition
          • Animating an Object

          TOPIC C: Editing Google Slides

          • Entering and Editing Slide Text
          • Adding Images
          • Adding Shapes and Lines
          • Adding Charts
          • Adding Speaker Notes

          TOPIC D: Presenting and Sharing Google Slides

          • Spellchecking
          • Present a Presentation
          • Email a Presentation
          • Activity 6-4
          • Summary
                      Google G Suite Create - eBSI Export Academy
                      Google G Suite Create - eBSI Export Academy
                      Google G Suite Create - eBSI Export Academy
                      Google G Suite Create

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