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Global Business Strategies

eBSI Export Academy
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As the world becomes a smaller place thanks to innovations in technology and communication, it becomes easier for businesses to branch out into the global market. However, as with any endeavor, research and planning are essential pieces of a growth strategy. This course will help you give participants the skills that they need to make their global business a success.

                                Course Topics:

                                Session One: Course Overview

                                Session Two: Understanding the Global Business Environment

                                • Defining Globalization
                                • Factors in Globalization
                                • Exercising Knowledge (Pre-Assignment Review)
                                • Top Trends
                                • Take on the World

                                Session Three: The Global Trade Market

                                • Evaluating Your Options
                                • Understanding Trade Agreements
                                • How Trade Transactions Work

                                Session Four: Products and Services

                                • How Services Are Traded
                                • How Goods Are Traded
                                • How Intangible Products Fit In
                                • What’s Your Value?
                                • Mechanics of a Trade Transaction

                                Session Five: E-Commerce on the Global Stage

                                • What is E-Commerce?
                                • Protection of Information
                                • Basic E-Commerce Business Models
                                • Give It A Go
                                • Review the Business Models
                                • E-Commerce Goals and Models

                                Session Six: Working in the Global Context

                                • Bridging the Cultural Gap
                                • Stepping Over the Cultural Gap
                                • Building Relationships
                                • Debrief
                                • Is There a Global Culture Developing?

                                Session Seven: The Economics of Global Business

                                • Managing Multiple Currencies
                                • Mitigating Your Risks
                                • Basics of Trade Finance
                                • Getting Paid
                                • Trade Finance and Technology
                                • Making Connections

                                Session Eight: The Logistics of Global Business

                                • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
                                • Identifying and Meeting Documentation Requirements
                                • Security and Safety
                                • Break
                                • Negotiating Market Entry

                                Session Nine: Rules and Regulations

                                • International Regulations
                                • Extraterritoriality and Fair Trade
                                • Health and Environmental Regulations
                                • Getting the Right Advice: The Legal Bits
                                • Testing the Waters

                                Session Ten: Beyond the Rules – Ethical Concerns

                                • The Ethical Conundrum
                                • Making Connections
                                • Different Points of View
                                • Making Connections
                                                                                                                  Global Business Strategies - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                  Global Business Strategies - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                  Global Business Strategies - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                  Global Business Strategies

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