GDPR Readiness: Getting the Message Out - eBSI Export Academy
GDPR Readiness: Getting the Message Out - eBSI Export Academy
GDPR Readiness: Getting the Message Out - eBSI Export Academy


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GDPR Readiness: Getting the Message Out

eBSI Export Academy
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Good communication is important in any business setting, both internally to employees, and externally to customers. This is especially true for data privacy, which has been brought to the forefront with the advent of the GDPR. Even if you have good privacy policies and procedures for your company, they’re not useful if they aren’t communicated to people.

Considering internal communication methods, developing training, promoting a privacy culture, and designing a GDPR-compliant website are all important aspects of getting the message out about data privacy.

                                Course Topics:

                                Session One: Course Overview

                                • Learning Objectives

                                Session Two: Spreading the Word Internally

                                • Creating a Communication Plan
                                • Tool Box Activity

                                Session Three: Internal Training

                                • Privacy Training in the Workplace
                                • Training for All Employees
                                • Specific Policy Training
                                • Five Minutes of Training Activity

                                Session Four: Promoting a Positive Privacy Culture

                                • The First Step
                                • Making Connections

                                Session Five: Monitoring Your Privacy System

                                • Monitoring Procedures
                                • Internal Audits
                                • Question It Activity

                                Session Six: Privacy Policy Overview

                                • Customer Privacy Policy
                                • Missing Parts Activity

                                Session Seven: Notifying Customers

                                • Customer Notification
                                • What Customers Need to Know
                                • What Companies are Doing
                                • Email Assessment Activity
                                • Example 1
                                • Example 2
                                • Example 3
                                • Example 4
                                • Example 5

                                Session Eight: Web Design – Making your privacy policy public

                                • Making Your Privacy Policy Publicly Accessible
                                • Privacy Positioning Activity

                                Session Nine: Web Design - Cookie Banners

                                • Cookies
                                • Designing Your Cookie Banner
                                • Cookie Time Activity

                                Session Ten: Web Design - Forms

                                • Online Forms
                                • Making Connections
                                • What Do You Need to Consider?
                                • Personal Action Plan
                                • Course Summary