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Facebook Promotion

Objectives: This course teaches you techniques and strategies on how to promote your products and services through Facebook to create leads and boost sales.

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Unit Contents:

1. Facebook Promotion Essentials
In this topic you will cover: 
1.1 Social Networking Supercharged
1.2 Reason of Using Facebook
1.3 Facebook for Individuals
1.4 Facebook for Business
1.5 Signing Up
1.6 Overview of Ways to Market on Facebook
1.7 Customizing Your Profile
1.8 Understanding Your Personal Wall
1.9 The Power of Newsfeed
1.10 Finding and Adding Friends
1.11 Fan Pages vs Groups
1.12 Finding and Joining Groups
1.13 Creating a Group
1.14 Growing Your Group
1.15 What are Fan Pages
1.16 Creating a Fan Page
1.17 Building Your Fan Page
1.18 Facebook Networking Tips
1.19 Promoting Facebook on Your Website
1.20 Finding Things to Promote
1.21 Using Applications
1.22 Creating Your own Applications
1.23 Creating a Facebook Plan of Action
1.24 Conclusion

2. Facebook Promotion Advanced
2.1 Using Facebook Live
2.2 Optimize Your Facebook Live Traffic
2.3 Utilize Facebook Live As A Sales Funnel
2.4 Generate More Leads After Your Livestream
2.5 Target And Retarget Facebook Audience
2.6 Build Your Facebook Pixel And Event Conversions
2.7 Facebook Video Ads To Market Your Business
2.8 Your Own Facebook Ads Campaign
2.9 Optimize Your Facebook Ads To Increase Conversions
2.10 Turn Your Facebook Profile Into An Authority Figure
2.11 Turn Your Visitors Into Leads And Customers
2.12 Reach Thousands Of Followers With Your Facebook Page

Facebook Promotion - eBSI Export Academy
Facebook Promotion - eBSI Export Academy
Facebook Promotion - eBSI Export Academy
Facebook Promotion - eBSI Export Academy

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