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Export Packaging

eBSI Export Academy
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Once an export order has been accepted and sales and delivery conditions established, it will be the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the goods are packaged in a way which will ensure that they will reach the importer in optimum condition.  
In this unit you will:
- Learn the importance of adequate packaging in export transactions.
This will be achieved by:
- Outlining the types of export packaging available to the exporter.
- Analysing the criteria to be used in the selection of export packaging.
- Outlining various packing options including pallets, containers and distribution of pallets in containers.
- Examining the different materials that can be used for packaging.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 Packaging Policy

1.2 Size and Weight

1.3 Purposes of Packaging

1.4 Packaging Obligation of the Exporter

1.5 Criteria for the Selection of Packaging

1.6 Incorporating Incoterms

1.7 Electronic Tagging

1.8 Packaging and Multimodal Transport

1.9 Larger Units of Cargo

1.10 Pallet

1.11 Stabilize the Cargo

1.12 Forklifts


2.1 Standardized Dimensions

2.2 Containers

2.3 Distribution of Pallets in a Container

2.4 Stowing

2.5 Formula for Stowing

2.6 Incoterms and Competition

2.7 Export Experience

2.8 Good Condition

2.9 Identifying Abbreviations

2.10 Abbreviations

2.11 Groupage

2.12 Basic Movements of a Container

Forum Assignment

Further Reading

1- Hapag-Lloyd Guide to container packing

2- Paul Wurth Group – Sample instructions for Packing, Marking and Shipping.

3- US Dept Transport Regulations for Shipping of Hazardous Goods.

Export Packaging - eBSI Export Academy
Export Packaging - eBSI Export Academy
Export Packaging - eBSI Export Academy
Export Packaging - eBSI Export Academy

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