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Export Documentation

eBSI Export Academy
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In this unit we will study the documents necessary for international trade transactions.

We will examine in detail the following core documents: invoice, packing list, certificate of origin,
transport and insurance documents.

The objectives of this unit are:
1) to learn about international trade documents;
2) to know how to properly fill them in;
3) to examine checklists for the documents.

Documents play an essential role in documentary methods of payment such as letters of credit.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 Classifications

1.2 Formalities and Requirements

1.3 Where to obtain information

1.4 What Functions Documents Perform


2.1 Certificate of Origin

2.2 A- GSP Form

2.3 EUR 1


3.1 Proforma Invoice

3.2 Commercial Invoice

3.3 Checklist for Invoice

3.4 Consular/Certified Invoice

3.5 Packing List

3.6 Checklist for Packing List

3.7 Packing List Example


4.1  Documents obtained in the country of dispatch

4.1.1 SAD

4.1.2 Health Certificate

4.1.3 Phytosanitary Certificate

4.1.4 Export Licence

4.2 Documents obtained the country of destination

4.2.1 Import Licence

4.2.2 Warehouse Guaranty

4.2.3 Health Certificate, etc.

4.2.4 Customs Declaration

4.2.5 Special Documents

4.3 ATR1 Certificate– Customs Status Document


5.1 Certificates

5.1.1 Certificate of Inspection

5.1.2 Black List Certificate

5.1.3 Weight Certificate

5.1.4 Certificate of Analysis

5.1.5 Export Certificate

5.1.6 Export Health Certificate

5.1.7 Veterinary Certificate

5.1.8 CITES Certificate

5.2 Warehouse Guaranty

5.3 ATA Carnet

5.4 Accompanying Document

5.5 Advice of Dispatch

Further Reading

1- Overview of Export Documentation by Michele Kalloo

2- UNCTAD Report on the use of Transport Documents in International Trade

3- UN/CEFACT Standard for layout of international trade documentation

Export Documentation - eBSI Export Academy
Export Documentation - eBSI Export Academy
Export Documentation - eBSI Export Academy
Export Documentation - eBSI Export Academy

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