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EDFP - Export Development Foundation Program

eBSI Export Academy
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The Export Development Foundation Program has been designed with the new or inexperienced exporter in mind.  The typical participant is looking for a shakedown of the key International Trade principles and processes sufficient to be able to manage ad-hoc or sporadic transactions.

You will gain a practical overview of the export process and will be able to manage ad-hoc transactions with the support of a freight forwarder or international trade consultant.

It is not designed to be a comprehensive program or rt be a framework to develop an export department or internationalization strategy.  For this we have our International Trade Specialist Accreditation program and our Advanced Certificate in International Trade. 

However for those who have limited budgets, this program will give you the essentials to manage an export transaction from request for a quotation through to delivery with the support of appropriate service providers.

Program Outline

The course coverage reflects this:

Export Development Foundation Program

Target Audience: New and inexperienced sporadic exporters

NVQ Level: N/A

FETAC Level: N/A


Course Unit

Hours Learning Approx.

Week 1

ITS-01-EMO-001 - Introduction to Exporting


Week 2

ITS-01-EMO-002 - Introduction to International Marketing


Week 3

ITS-01-EMO-006 - International Pricing Policy



Week 4

ITS-02-TCP-001 - Introduction to International Trade


Week 5

ITS-02-TCP-002 - Export Packaging


Week 6

ITS-02-TCP-003 - International Transport & Logistics


Week 7

ITS-02-TCP-006 - Export Documentation


Week 8

ITS-02-TCP-007 - Customs Procedures


Week 9

ITS-03-FIT-001 - Methods of Payment in International Trade


Week 10

ITS-04-eBUS-001 Introduction to e-Business and Internet Marketing




51 Hours

EDFP - Export Development Foundation Program - eBSI Export Academy
EDFP - Export Development Foundation Program - eBSI Export Academy
EDFP - Export Development Foundation Program - eBSI Export Academy

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