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Dynamite Sales Presentation

eBSI Export Academy
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Sales trainers know that a great sales presentation does not need bells and whistles to impress a client. Instead, the best sales presentations effectively demonstrate product knowledge as well as an understanding of what problems the client has, and the solutions they need. This course will help you teach participants how to create a winning proposal and how to turn it into a dynamite sales presentation. Specific learning objectives include:

  • Identifying the key elements of a quality proposal
  • Mastering the first impression, from clothing to the handshake
  • Feeling more comfortable and professional in face-to-face presentations
  • Writing a winning proposal
  • Achieving comfort and professionalism during presentations

                          Course Topics:

                          Session One: Course Overview

                          Session Two: Getting Down to Business

                          • Business Writing Basics
                          • Types of Proposals

                          Session Three: Writing Your Proposal

                          • Getting Organized
                          • Drafting a Proposal

                          Session Four: Getting Thoughts on Paper

                          • Planning Your Proposal
                          • Exercise

                          Session Five: Basic Proposal Formats

                          Session Six: Expert Editing Tips

                          Session Seven: The Handshake

                          Session Eight: Getting Ready for Your Presentation

                          • Preparation Tips
                          • Persuasive Language

                          Session Nine: Elements of a Successful Presentation

                          • You Count Too!
                          • Positives and Negatives

                          Session Ten: Dressing Appropriately

                          Session Eleven: Presentations

                          • Preparation
                          • Evaluations
                          • Recommended Reading List
                          • Personal Action Plan
                                                                                          Dynamite Sales Presentation - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                          Dynamite Sales Presentation - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                          Dynamite Sales Presentation - eBSI Export Academy

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