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Documentary Collections
Documentary Collections
Documentary Collections

Documentary Collections

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This course is ideal for exporters wishing to gain a greater understanding of the Documentary Collection Process.  This short course is based on content from our highly successful Finance of International Trade online certification programme.

In this unit you will:

Learn that Documentary Collections are a service provided by the bank whereby the bank facilitates the settlement of payment between international buyers and sellers by collection of financial and commercial documents.

You will discover that Collections offer a greater degree of security 
to the exporter than open account transactions.

You will understand the operation of:

1. Export Collections

2. Import Collections


1.1 Definition of Collections

1.2 Collections Background

1.3 Collection Instructions

1.4 Collection Instructions

1.5 The Collection Order


2.1 Documentary Collection

2.2 Documentary Collection Cycle


3.1 Clean Collection


4.1 Term Bills

4.2 Guaranteed or Avalized Bills of Exchange


5.1 Documentary Collections - Workflow Summary

5.2 Overview of the Uniform Rules for Collections

Further Reading

1 – UN Convention on International Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes

2 –  Explanatory Notes on the UN Convention.

3 – Has the ‘UN Convention on International Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes’ Achieved Its Objective?

4 – Background and Salient Notes on the UN Convention on International Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes

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