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Working with People with Disabilities

eBSI Export Academy
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People with disabilities represent a significant and largely underutilized resource for so many businesses. This course will give supervisors, managers, and human resources consultants the tools and tips they need to create a diverse workplace and leverage the skills and knowledge that people with disabilities have to offer.

During this course, participants will learn to:

  • prepare to welcome people with disabilities into their workplace;
  • interact with people with disabilities;
  • identify and overcome barriers in the workplace;
  • use respectful, appropriate, acceptable language in any circumstance;
  • understand what their company can do during hiring and interviewing; and understand what job accommodation is and how it applies in their workplace.

                        Course Topics:

                        Session One: Course Overview

                        Session Two: Defining Terms

                        • What are Disabilities?
                        • About Stereotypes
                        • Some Common Phrases and the Stereotypes Behind Them

                        Session Three: Misconceptions and Realities

                        Session Four: A Business Case

                        • Getting Into It
                        • Summary

                        Session Five: Dissecting Labels

                        • Giving Your Words Some Thought
                        • Being Practical
                        • Mingle with Me

                        Session Six: Accessibility

                        • Physical Access
                        • Barriers
                        • Case Studies

                        Session Seven: The Cornerstones of Diversity

                        • About the Cornerstones
                        • Knowledge
                        • Understanding
                        • Acceptance
                        • Behavior

                        Session Eight: Pre-Assignment Review

                        Session Nine: Encouraging Diversity by Hiring

                        • What Can We Ask?
                        • What Can the Candidate Expect?

                        Session Ten: Using the STOP Technique

                        • The Four Steps
                        • Making Connections

                        Session Eleven: Communication Essentials for Disability Awareness

                        • Ground Rules to Get Started
                        • Respecting Confidentiality
                        • Preparing Documentation

                        Session Twelve: Communication Styles

                        • Dichotomies in Theory
                        • Dichotomies in Action

                        Session Thirteen: Critical Conversations

                        • Introductory Elements
                        • Getting the Conversation Started
                        • Taking it One Step Further

                        Session Fourteen: How Do We Make It Happen?

                        • How Far Do You Go In Accommodation?
                        • Value of Job Shadows
                        • Recommended Reading List
                        • Personal Action Plan
                                                                                      Working with People with Disabilities - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                      Working with People with Disabilities - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                      Working with People with Disabilities - eBSI Export Academy

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