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Creating Effective Teams

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Course Outline:

This course will clarify the importance of team dynamics and creating effective sales teams. The learner will examine problem solving and decision making. After completing this program, the learner will be able to:

  • Delegate, communicate, solve problems, and make appropriate decisions.
  • Use interpersonal skills and trust to reinforce the value of teamwork.
  • Congratulate team members upon achieving consensus and reaching goals. 

Course Topics:

T1. The Evolving Organization: This topic will provide information to the learner about different ways in which aspects of the modern organization is changing, and how teams and employees function within organizations today.

T2. Team Dynamics: This topic will define synergy and will explain patterns of communication among employees that foster collaboration.

T3. Defining Clear Goals: This topic will address clear goals, and will explain different types of goals that help employees make their business market-drive, such as new and existing market, reputation, competitive, and more.

T4. Delegating Responsibilities: This topic will illustrate what considerations to keep in mind when delegating tasks to employees, including the benefits of delegation and an overview of the delegation decision process.

T5. Problem Solving and Decision Making: This topic will provide the learner with an introduction to decision-making by discussing problem analysis, proper handling, and the problem-solving model.

T6. Communication: This topic will examine various communication problems inhibiting the communication process, including information on encouraging teamwork and influencing others.

T7. Trust: This topic will explain the importance of trust in building relationships in both the professional and personal spheres, and will provide an extensive overview of the TRUST model of relationship building.

T8. Conflict Resolution: This topic will provide the learner with effective conflict resolution tools, classify different types of conflict, and identify common causes of disagreements within teams.

T9. Interpersonal Skills: This topic will discuss the notion that there is more to communicating than just talking, and will delineate between ôsendersö and ôreceiversö in communication.

T10. Maintaining a Successful Team: This topic will stress the importance of keeping teams motivated, and includes useful techniques for modifying the thinking patterns of teams so that they are always being challenged.

T11. Congratulating Team Members: This topic will familiarize the learner with tactics for delivering positive feedback to employees, including tips on how to recognize employees by providing them with interesting work, visibility, time off, and more.

Creating Effective Teams - eBSI Export Academy
Creating Effective Teams - eBSI Export Academy
Creating Effective Teams - eBSI Export Academy
Creating Effective Teams - eBSI Export Academy
Creating Effective Teams - eBSI Export Academy

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