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The influence of country image on export transactions is a very significant piece of information which should be taken into account by the exporter.  The image of a country in a foreign market depends on many factors, among them being foreign policy, and of course, trade promotional policy, carried out by governments in order to improve this image. 

The exporter should find out how his own country image is portrayed in the target market.  If this image is positive, the most logical thing would be to use this image in the exporters favour in marketing plans.  If the image is negative,  then we need to use the marketing mix to draw the importer or consumer's attention towards other variables of marketing.

In this unit you will learn about the influence of a country's image on its perception in export markets.  
This will be achieved by:
- Examining what is a country's international image
- Analysing how we can use our country image to promote export sales
- Detailing the factors which influence a country's image abroad.

Completing this course will confer 5 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Outline


1.1 What is a Country's Brand Image?

1.2 Country's Brand Image. Germany

1.3 Country's Brand Image

1.4 Country's Brand Image. Association of Ideas


2.1 Global Approach - Glocalization

2.2 Country's Brand Image. Don't waste your time

2.3 Nation Branding - Magic Formula?

2.4 The Factors of the Element. C = Country

2.5 Status of Existing Players in Market

2.6 Branding Europe

2.7 Country Branding – In Practice

Further Reading

1- Country of Origin and its Impact on Brand

2- Country Image and International Trade

3- Relationship between Country of Origin, Brand Image and Customer Purchase Intentions

4- Customers Product Evaluations in Emerging Markets

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Country Image - eBSI Export Academy
Country Image - eBSI Export Academy
Country Image - eBSI Export Academy
Country Image - eBSI Export Academy

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