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Conversational Leadership - eBSI Export Academy
Conversational Leadership - eBSI Export Academy
Conversational Leadership - eBSI Export Academy
Conversational Leadership - eBSI Export Academy


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Conversational Leadership

eBSI Export Academy
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Conversational leadership provides the space and infrastructure for knowledge sharing to take place; for employees, stakeholders, and the community to be involved in discussing big, important questions; and to generate solutions on which people within the organization can take action.

This leadership model shifts thinking from a command-and-control style to a more collaborative approach that focuses on relationship building and communication. The results for a business can be astounding.

This course teaches about:

  • the wisdom inherent in encouraging conversational leadership;
  • how to describe the four I’s of conversational leadership;
  • and how to apply the principles of conversational leadership to improve results.

        Course Topics:

        Session One: Course Overview

        Session Two: What’s In A Word?

        • What is Conversational Leadership?

        Session Three: Fundamental Elements

        • Designing Meaningful Conversations
        • Building Your Personal Skills

        Session Four: The Four-I Model of Organizational Conversation

        • Intimacy
        • Interactivity
        • Inclusion
        • Intentionality
        • Common Language

        Session Five: The Conversational Leadership Framework

        • Getting Started
        • What You’re Aiming For
        • Creating the Conversation
        • Identifying Your Purpose
        • Involving Your Stakeholders
        • Asking Questions Based on Critical Issues
        • Collaborating with Social Technology
        • Creating a Wisdom-Based Action Plan
        • Innovative Leadership

        Session Six: World Café

        • Setting Up
        • The Innovation Space
        • Recommended Reading List
        • Personal Action Plan