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Bing Ads

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Bing Ads
Bing is Microsofts answer to Google.  It is a search engine which offers you an alternative to Google both as a search engine and as an advertising platform.  You may find advertising through competitive bids on Bing to be more cost efficient as there is less competition on the platform.  

Objectives: This two hour course provides basic to advanced knowledge on getting the most out of Bing Ads on behalf of your business.  

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Unit Contents:

1. Bing Ads Essentials
In this topic you will cover:
1. Bing Ads Essentials
1.1 An Introduction to Bing Ads
1.2 Why It’s Time to Wake Up to Bing
1.3 How Bing Ads And PPC Work
1.4 Creating a Great PPC Campaign
1.5 Getting Started With Bing Ads
1.6 Advanced Bing Ads
1.7 Why SEO for Bing Matters
1.8 Your Master Guide to SEO for Bing
1.9 Extra Tips and Techniques for Better Success
1.10 Conclusion

2. Bing Ads Advanced
In this topic you will cover:
2. Bing Ads Advanced
2.1 Why use it for your business?
2.2 What are Bing Ads All about?
2.3 Bing Ads advertising goals
2.4 What you should do right before creating Bing Ads
2.5 Setting up your Bing Ads Account
2.6 Getting to know your Bing Ads Account
2.7 Visits to my website
2.8 Visits to my business location
2.9 Conversions in my website
2.10 Phone calls to my business
2.11 7 Advanced Level Advantages
2.12 Importing Campaigns from Google AdWords
2.13 Optimizing with Advanced Campaign Settings
2.14 Setting up Dynamic Text Ads
2.15 Advanced Automated Rules Strategies
2.16 Remarketing with Bing Ads
2.17 Dos and Don’ts
2.18 Premium tools & Services to consider
2.19 Case Studies
2.20 Frequently Asked Questions

Bing Ads - eBSI Export Academy
Bing Ads - eBSI Export Academy
Bing Ads - eBSI Export Academy
Bing Ads - eBSI Export Academy

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